Tiny Tents Doubles Down With ‘Ridiculous’ Basecamp Dome Tent

At just 1.1 pounds and 15 inches tall, the Basecamp Dome from Tiny Tents is the lightest four-season dome tent ever. Too bad you’re too big to fit.

At GearJunkie, we take two things very seriously: well-made gear and a happy-ass pet. So when Tiny Tents announced its micro-sized Basecamp Dome Tent for tiny pets, the GJ staff squeed — a lot. The geodesic dome tent is fully functional and to scale.

Tiny Tets based the Basecamp Dome Tent design on classic four-season mountaineering tents. Chris Clearman, founder and CEO of Tiny Tents, said, “Tiny Tents is now back and more ridiculous than ever with the Basecamp Dome Tent, designed to offer miniature, unmatched protection from harsh conditions.”

Wait a minute — can you really take the pup alpine camping? We can’t speak to that; maybe test it out with an early-autumn camping trip to your backyard first. (And omg, send photos.)

tiny tents basecamp dome tent for pets
Photo/Tiny Tents

The micro tent is a little pop-up polyester masterpiece: steep sides, a tall ceiling, a 20-inch tarpaulin floor, ultralight poles, mesh windows for cross-ventilation, and a double-layered door. Tiny Tents even built it with stilts to elevate your pet above their terrain — be it rugged or carpeted.

“It’s one of the most hilarious concepts we’ve ever envisioned — and we’re confident that it’s the lightest four-season tent to ever hit the market,” Clearman said.

Not only is the Basecamp the lightest dome tent out there, but it’s also the most affordable. Forking over $40 gets you the entire setup and a best-pet-parent-on-the-block award.

The Basecamp Dome is Tiny Tent’s second entry to the pet glamping market. Its 2019 model, the eponymous Tiny Tent, became REI’s fastest-selling tent ever. The retailer ran out of Tiny stock in just 3 weeks. Pet parenthood is a hell of a drug.

The tiny Basecamp Dome Tent is now available on the brand’s site. Beginning on Oct. 1, the micro-tent will also be available through REI (probably for a very limited time).

Basecamp Dome Tiny Tent Specs

basecamp set up
Photo/Tiny Tents

Key Features

  • Geodesic dome shape with steep walls
  • Ultralight poles with elastic connections
  • High ceiling for maximum comfort
  • 2 mesh windows for ventilation
  • Double-layered door  and screen layer
  • Durable, tarpaulin floor


  • Polyester
  • Tarpaulin floor
  • Dimensions: 20″ diameter footprint, 15″ peak height
  • Weight: 1 lb. 2 oz.
basecamp dome tent - zipped up
Photo/Tiny Tents
Jilli Cluff

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