Bear Attack Survivor Recounts Harrowing Ordeal

Last year, Todd Orr made headlines when a grizzly bear attacked him twice in one day. He then shocked the world by posting a video to social media while walking out of the woods, covered in blood. Now he shares the rest of the story.

The bear attacked Orr on Oct. 1 while he scouted for elk hunting in in grizzly bear habitat in Madison Valley, Mont. Orr explained, while bleeding profusely and walking toward his car, the scenario. The video below explains the attack in much more detail than the original post.

Todd Orr: Firsthand Bear Attack Experience

After encountering the mother bear and two cubs, the mother first ran away, but then turned and rushed toward him. When she charged, he fired bear spray at her, but she mauled him for what he said “felt like an eternity.”

He survived the first attack and headed out toward his truck three miles away. But after five or 10 minutes, the bear reappeared. And it mauled him again!

Man Attacked By Grizzly, Films Aftermath
Man Attacked By Grizzly, Films Aftermath
A man attacked by a grizzly bear with two cubs on Saturday hopped on camera while still bleeding from gaping wounds. Read more…

Orr’s ordeal is incredibly rare, but informative for those of us who spend time in bear country. We included his original post below, and are in awe of how composed he remained even after the brutal attack.

Sean McCoy

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