Get Ready for Jimmy Chin’s Next Masterpiece With Nat Geo

Outdoor sports’ most prominent cinema auteurs return with a new series that — spoiler alert! — looks as highly dramatized and visually arresting as ever.

“You want to do stuff that’s awe-inspiring, hair-raising, death-defying.” That’s how the first 5 seconds of the trailer for E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin’s “Edge of the Unknown” go. And it doesn’t get any less theatrical from there.

For pro adventure athletes, payoff almost always results from assuming huge risks. “Edge of the Unknown” seeks to explore that gambit with help from the likes of Alex Honnold, Angel Collinson, and Conrad Anker.

The series drops on Disney+ in September.

Runtime: 1.5 minutes

Jimmy Chin Avani Nuna
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