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Magnus Midtbø Hangs With 13-Year-Old Rock Climbing Phenom

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Last year, French teen Théo Blass sent 5.14d at just 12 years old, beating the record Adam Ondra set when he was 13. So what will Blass climb next?

In the latest edit from climbing YouTuber Magnus Midtbø, he travels to France to meet the sport’s newest rising star.

The pair spent most of the video hanging out together at Blass’ local gym, trying out a tough-as-nails boulder problem that Blass set himself. When Blass, 13, takes off his shirt to send the route, the camera pans upward to show the growing number of young girls watching him climb.

The visual metaphor is clear: Lots of people are watching Blass to see what he does next. And that’s hardly surprising, considering the young lion’s resume. In 2020, he climbed 5.14b at just 10 years old, then stunned the climbing world again by sending 5.14d just 2 years later.

There’s no denying the pressure faced by talented young athletes, yet Midtbø’s interview with Blass reveals a charmingly self-aware kid who simply loves to climb.

He’s also a crusher with a world of possibility ahead of him. If you follow climbing, the odds are good you’ll be seeing Blass again soon enough.

Runtime: 19 minutes

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