An Atlantic puffin pictured on Seal Island, Maine.
(Photo/Harry Collins Photography)

Puffin Cam: Watch ‘Puffling’ Chicks, Live From Their Nest

What’s a day in the life of a wild puffin like? See for yourself through the Project Puffin live stream.

For almost a decade, the National Audubon Society and have monitored the Atlantic puffins of Seal Island, Maine, via a network of five noninvasive cameras. Similar to other wildlife monitoring projects like Eagle Cam, the cameras are there to aid in conservation research.

The birds tend to shack up during the spring, and by summer, little pufflings start to emerge from their eggs. That means that now is the best time of year to tune in.

Luckily for us (and science), one of the cameras is hidden inside the burrow of a mated puffin couple, Millie and Willie. Excitingly, the pair welcomed the arrival of their new puffling earlier this week.

The conservation team has decided to call her “Flo,” after ornithologist and trailblazer Florence Merriam Bailey. You can take a look at some of Flo’s first moments after hatching in the clip above.

Drop in on the puffin burrow and any of the four other live streams from around Seal Island at’s Project Puffin page. Or just click the video below to watch live now!

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