‘Gills’ Scam, Surf Hooligans, Wood Bike Handlebars: GearJunkie Week In Review

A recap of top stories for the past week, March 27 – April 2, 2016.


1) Refunded! Artificial ‘Gills’ Scam Comes Clean

After media scrutiny and widespread skepticism, Triton Artificial Gills Rebreather refunds nearly $900,000 to supporters and explains product.

2) Ding! Tiny Bike Bell Goes Viral

An Australian brand has re-invented the bike bell with the Oi, and the world has beaten a path to its door.

3) First Look: ‘Smart’ Solar Panel Charges Fast

The Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus has a modulation system to smooth power transfer to devices while providing valuable feedback for the user.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus 1580

4) ‘Boombot’ MINI Review On A Bike

Is a mini speaker worn while biking an affront on fellow riders? Our editor ditched headphones to try listening to music in the open air.

5) Knife Review: Spyderco Caly3, Fan Favorite

With exceptional materials and form, the Calyposo 3, known by admirers as the Caly3, is one of the finest knives ever made by Spyderco.

6) Ford Announces 2020 Bronco Bolt, And It’s Electric!

Collaboration with Elon Musk results in a rock-crawling, mud-bogging, off road monster with mind-blowing 100MPG diesel-electric hybrid engine.

New Hybrid Ford Bronco

7) The $400 Rust-Resistant Beach Cruiser

The ‘Coast’ has an aluminum frame, stainless steel components, and a belt drive to cruise the beach at a bargain basement price.

8) Old-School: German Brand Builds Wooden Handlebars

Handmade in Berlin, these wooden handlebars are a nod to both old-world craftsmanship as well as the trend of streamlined urban-bike design.

9) Watch: An Ode To Trail Dogs And Running

Four profound minutes to remember the important things in life. Grab your buddy and get out there.

10) The REI Dividend: What It Is, How To Spend It

You got your dividend check from REI. Here’s how to spend it.

11) Brooks England Begins ‘Dashing Bikes’ Project

Brooks marks its 150th birthday with specially-designed bikes built around the world.

12) Mug Gives New Meaning To Coffee ‘Brake’

Part bike, part mug, this brake-handle cup is made by hand in Minneapolis. It’s selling for $30 now if you’re in the market for a velo-inspired vessel.

clarks in shop2

13) Opinion: Bicycles Belong In Wilderness

Sustainable Trails Coalition seeks to permit other forms of human-powered trail travel in wilderness areas, besides just walking.

14) Futuristic 1,066-Foot ‘Extreme Sports’ Spire Proposed In Dubai

A 1,066-foot BASE Jumping and extreme sports tower… a possibility for Dubai.

15) Behold! The Art of Tandem Surfing

Ride-along for glimpse of World Champion tandem surfers that you’ve got to see to believe.

16) Sebram ‘Anti-Grip’ Rubber To Debut In 2017

Are you ready to ‘slurf?’ An upstart Italian brand just invented slippery surfing shoes.

17) Dogs: A Nose For Adventure

As much as you love the outdoors, your dog does more.

DogsWeb 1

18) Pedaling Through Asia’s Largest Spice Market

Take a tour through the streets and rooftops of New Dehli, India.

19) Julbo Day/Night, Do-All Optics

Tested through 30 MPH winds, hail, snow, fog, intense sun, darkness, and miles of bushwhacking, an adventure racer put the Julbo Breeze through some brutal paces in Patagonia.

20) Trust Your Life To A ‘Survival Pipe’?

This tube is more than meets the eye, with many survival tools built in.

21) Surf Hooligans Being Sued For Localism

Totally bogus surf gang is charged with being most uncool.


22) How To Get A Cat From A Tree, Russian Style

Cat video meets Russia video. As far as internet videos go, this one has it all.

23) 1,000 Adults With Disabilities To Paddle Parks Via Grant

A new partnership funded by a grant from Toad&Co. will expand access to national parks for 1,000 persons with disabilities.


24) Thermite Launcher Is Decidedly Awesome

This steampunk-esque thermite launcher is about as useless as it is amazing.

25) First Look: YETI Heavy-Duty ‘Rambler Bottles’

YETI’s Rambler Bottles are rugged stainless steel and keep beverages hot or cold for hours. Are they worth the price?

Yeti Rambler Bottle Review 1625

26) Retro Climbers’ Short-Shorts Are Back For 2016

Check out the old-school daisy-duke climbing shorts.

27) Sun Power Simplified: BioLite SolarPanel 5+

An integrated sundial, kickstand, and onboard battery storage helps BioLite’s SolarPanel 5+ stand out in a sea of gadget-charging gear.

28) Epic Downhill Snow Race Pileup

Dozens of skiers and snowboarders crash into one another at crazy Red Bull event.