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Early Snows, Hunting Knives, Bike Industry Sexism: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories, week of Sept. 14-18, 2015.


1) September Snow: Montana Gets 16-Inch Dump: It’s still summer, but the snow is already falling deep in the high mountains.


2) Best Hunting Knives For Any Budget: From $12 to $400, these are the best knives designed for field dressing game.


3) Wind-Proof: MSR Camp Stove Upgrade For 2016: A tester reviews the MSR WindBurner stove, which lights easily, stays heated, and quickly boils water — even in harsh wind.


4) ‘Nano Pop’ Is Tiny Titanium Bottle Opener: Use your keychain as leverage to open bottles.


5) ‘Scale Solar System’ Reveals Vastness Of Universe: This video fills us with wonder at the vastness of the solar system. Space really is the ultimate adventure frontier.

mountain bike slackline

6) Watch Man Ride Mountain Bike On Slackline: Bike riding on a slackline strung high in the mountains must be among the hardest feats accomplished on a mountain bike to date.


7) Western States 2015 Survey: The Gear Runners Chose: Western States’ annual runners’ survey is almost as anticipated among running geeks as the race itself.


8) Underwater ‘Headphones’ Stream Audio Thru Jaw: Good underwater headphones will help those swim workouts go by much faster.


9) The Beautiful Caribbean ‘Playground’: This video shot in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands will have you ready to pack your swimsuit and not much more.


10) How To Build 100% Natural Tiled Hut: We learn something new every time we watch this skilled outdoorsman build from the literal ground up.


11) ‘Stick Sword’ Gets An Upgrade: Sticks make great play swords. This product protects from the inevitable finger bashes of play sword fights.


12) ‘Pack Of All Trades’ For Bike, Hike & Travel: This mid-size Boreas Lagunitas is a ‘pack of all trades’ perfect for a wide variety of outdoor activities.


13) Colorado To Spend $100 Million On Bike Infrastructure: Colorado wants to be the best state for biking, and it is investing to improve bike lanes, educate drivers, and give more people access to two wheels.


14) ‘Bed-Like Experience’ For Campsite: The Exped DeepSleep System is five inches thick and has a quilt and top sheet for luxurious sleep in a campsite. We put it to the test for this review.


15) Nut Tool Has Spring-Loaded ‘Impact Hammer’: The LittleHammer is another perfect example of climbers using ingenuity to solve a simple problem.


16) Most Graffitied National Parks, By The Numbers: More than 600 incidents of graffiti have been reported in National Parks since 2013.


17) The ‘Orange Screw’ Is Ultimate Tent Stake: Sold as the ‘ultimate ground anchor,’ the Orange Screw can hold hundreds of pounds when threaded deep into dirt.


18) WTF Interbike?: Sometimes sexism comes down to something as small as a pair of socks.


19) One Allen Wrench To Rule Them All: The TeleHex: The TeleHex is lighter and smaller than many hex tools, packing four wrench sizes into a single head.


20) Lance Armstrong Coming To Big Screen: Thriller examines one of the greatest deceptions in the modern era, uncovered while Armstrong was celebrated as a hero, winning the Tour de France seven times.


21) Tested: The $3 Million Messenger Bag: Worth every penny, the Peak Designs Everyday Messenger rises above the rest.


22) Felon Swims ‘Wilderness Crossing’ To Get Into USA: Thousands of people cross illegally into the United States from Mexico each year. But in this odd case, a man decided to swim in from Canada, along with another man to ‘protect him from bears.’


23) US Ski Team Frolics In New Zealand Powder: A side benefit of being a world class ski racer? Face shots in New Zealand.


24) SOG Mini Aegis: Quality Knife Off ‘Big Box’ Shelf: Shopping at a big box store, this knife is a gem among a sea of garbage.


25) Trackside Seat At Toughest Downhill MTB Course: The Red Bull Hardline course in Wales is crazy hard. Watch the world’s best mountain bikers put to the test.


26) Drone On A Leash… Meet The ‘Flying Selfie Stick’: A retractible leash limits flight to 26 feet high, just enough for great views — and to become a potential nuisance.


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