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Magic Compass, Everest Update, Llama Wool Jacket: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories, week of November 1 – 7, 2015.


1) First Look: 2016 KEEN Versatrail Hiking Shoe

KEEN takes aim at the ‘light hiker’ category with its 2016 flagship footwear, the Versatrail. We laced up for a 10-mile hike last week in New Mexico for a first review.

2) #BuiltForTheWild Best Reader Shots

Submissions are coming in from all over the country for our #BuiltForTheWild photo contest. Here are a few favorites so far.

3) Melissa Arnot: Update On Mount Everest

For more than 10 years, Arnot has traveled the globe to climb, including five times to the top of Everest. She updated GearJunkie on Nepal and the state of climbing on the world’s tallest peak.

4) Coleman ‘Rebirth’ For 2016

As outdoor-gear brands go, Coleman is one of the world’s biggest. For 2016, Coleman is aiming to reboot with dozens of new products.

Coleman Motion Sensing Headlamp

5) ‘Magic Compass’ Is Simple Navigation For Urban Cyclists

The small Haize device works with your phone to display the direction and distance to your destination as you choose your own route — and adventure. It can also give basic turn-by-turn directions.

6) ‘Llama Fleece’ Jacket Review

The Kusa jacket line from Cotopaxi is stuffed with an insulation made by combining polyester with wool trimmed from the long-neck domestic beasts.

7) Would You Pedal An ‘Oval’ Chainring?

Generally, the gears on a bike are round, but is that the best shape? Oval-shape chainrings offer advantages for road and mountain bikers.

8) Best Multi-Tools For Outdoors, EDC Tasks

Multi-tools are a backbone piece of outdoors gear. This review presents a list of our current favorites.

9) Colorado Has New Snow Tire Requirements

Hoping to lessen some of the horrific traffic in Colorado ski country, the state’s Department of Transportation recently approved new tire requirements.

10) Artisanal Water, Because ‘Corporate Water Is Soulless’

Meet the makers of Timmy Brothers Water, then be prepared to shuck out $11 a liter.

ski yard sale

11) Five Ways To Ruin A Colorado Ski Vacation

Five simple ways to completely botch your ski trip this winter.

12) First Avalanche Incident Of 2015 Season

The early season snowpack may be thin, but it can still slide. Stay safe this weekend.

13) Personal Essay: ‘I’m A Ski Bum, And I Live In My Truck’

Sometimes you’ve gotta live in a truck for two months in the winter to score your sweet mountain town dream job.

14) How To: Use ‘Selfie Stick’ Without Looking Like Idiot

Ugh, the selfie stick is a symbol of our narcissistic society and bane of many. But not so fast… the often misused photo tool has great, responsible applications if you follow these tips.


15) PSA: Parachutes Are Really Flammable

Parachute plus flare gun equals bad idea.

16) World’s Largest? DIY French ‘Slip-N-Slide’ Looks Basically Nuts

This crazy, motor-powered slip-n-slide launches riders as far as 120 feet into a lake.

17) Adidas Thinks Your Next Shoe Could Come From A 3D Printer

The new ‘Futurecraft’ printed insole concept could allow shoe customization beyond anything done before.

18) Spear Fisherman Loses His Temper Underwater

When a goliath grouper repeatedly steals a fisherman’s catch, the dude goes ballistic, yelling into his regulator.

19) Tragic Pasts, Forbidden Peaks Explored In ‘Miguel’s Paramo’ Film

‘Miguel’s Paramo’ is a short film that investigates the unique nexus where Colombia’s recent and calamitous past and the current influx of adventure travel activities meet up.


20) You Know You Want A ‘Tactical’ Christmas Stocking

Be ready for any action Christmas morning throws your way.

21) Gear Check: Robbie Bourdon’s ‘Red Bull Rampage’ Kit

Sculpted dirt ramps, immense air, and make-or-die lines define Red Bull Rampage, an annual contest in Utah. Here’s a gear rundown.

22) Never Tie Your Shoelaces Again

A new shoelace design has gone viral on Kickstarter, raising more than $330,000 in just a couple weeks.

23) Burley Design Recalls 34,000 Child Bike Trailers

In 35 reported instances, the trailer tow bar connection has failed, resulting in two injuries.

24) Trailer: Ski Flick Documents 6,000 Mile Journey Across Siberia

Three skiers hop on the Trans-Siberian Railway seeking powder turns. This is what they found.

25) Affordable, Custom Fixed-Blade: Jarosz JFS

Handmade knives tend to be crazy expensive. But the Jarosz JFS everyday carry fixed blade is super useful and at a price well within reach of many knife connoisseurs.

Jarosz JFS review

26) Travel-Lust: The 20 Most ‘Pinned’ Destinations On Earth

Pinterest released its ’20 top-pinned places,’ resulting in a crowd-sourced hall of fame of the web’s most lusted-after travel spots.

27) Titanium Hardtail: Advocate Cycles’ 27.5+ Hayduke

A do-it-all hardtail, the Advocate Cycles Hayduke can run multiple wheel sizes and is a supreme ride that inspires confidence on all terrain.

28) Promotion: Free SPOT Products, Thru End Of Year

Buy a plan, get a SPOT device for free. That is the premise behind a promotion today through the end of the year.

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