Never Tie Your Shoelaces Again

Shoelaces are something so simple, it’s sometimes hard to imagine them changing.

But a company has taken the shoelace world (is that a thing?) by storm by introducing a lace that you don’t have to tie. It’s raised an incredible $330,000 on Kickstarter already and still has 20 days remaining on its month-long campaign.

xpand lacing system

The Xpand Lacing System uses stretchy, bungee-like laces that are held in place by a proprietary “lace anchor” at the top lace hole of the shoe. Once in place, the laces can be adjusted for tightness and then trimmed, turning any shoe into a slip-on.

The company claims they work for everything from casual street shoes to athletic wear. We haven’t tested them, but a lot of people are clearly stoked on the design.

xpand lacing system 2

These are far from the first attempt at a new lacing system — Salomon, Adidas and many more brands offer some version of a modernized lace. But this one looks really slick, particularly due to the fact that there is no excess lace once these are adjusted and trimmed.

xpand lacing system 3

They also look basically the same as normal laces, just without the loops and knot.

At just $8, this is a simple invention that could really make an impact. We look forward to giving these a try when they deliver in January.

Learn more at the Xpand Lacing System’s Kickstarter page.

Sean McCoy

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