Week In Review 4-22-17

GJ Week In Review: ‘Smart’ Shoes, Mountain Festivals, Viral Running

A recap of top stories for the week of April 16 – 22, 2017.

Week In Review 4-22-17

1) Victorinox Rambler: Swiss Army EDC

With its compact size and ample skillset, the Victorinox Rambler is perfect for lovers of the original Swiss Army Classic who want a little extra functionality.

2) Hudson Woods Brings ‘Eco Cabin’ Community To Rural New York

Warmed by the sun, cooled by the Earth, this rural ‘cabin community’ could be a glimpse at the future of sustainable living.

3) Tarpon ‘Obsession’ Explained In Glorious Black & White

If you’ve ever hooked into a tarpon, you know this is a fish like no other.

4) Monday Bargains: Three Steals To Start Your Week

Great outdoor gear at an amazing price. Check out the bargains from REI, Hydro Flask, and Gerber.

5) In The Spotlight: Therm-a-Rest Brand Profile

From inflatable mattresses to tents and sleeping bags, Therm-a-Rest has been building camping gear in the U.S. for more than 40 years.

6) Raft The Grand Canyon: 10 Reasons

As spectacular the Grand Canyon is from the top, there’s nothing quite like the Grand Canyon from the river.

7) Fire On The Inside: Ghillie Camping Kettle Boils Water Fast

Fill it with water. Now, light a fire inside. Ghillie Camping kettles have a hollow core to hold a water-boiling inferno.

8) ‘Packing It Out’ 2017 To Clean 5,025 Miles By Bike

‘Packing It Out’ has a mission to clean America’s trails. This year, Seth and a new team member, Abby, will embark on a 5,025-mile bike tour to clean up scenic areas from coast to coast.

packing it out bike 2017 crew

9) Meet The Custom Hilux Driving Around The World

Keep your eyes open for this one-of-a-kind custom Hilux camper, it will be touring America’s backroads in 2019.

10) Ticks: How To Prevent, Spot, And Remove

It’s tick season. Here’s how to prevent, remove, and identify the risks behind these blood-sucking arachnids.

11) Peter Whittaker’s MtnLogic Apparel Claims ‘Pure Function’

Build the perfect alpine kit. That is what renowned mountaineer Peter Whittaker set out to do with his own new brand, MtnLogic.

12) Water In The Desert? New Device Makes It Possible

The device produced about three quarts of clean water in a day in conditions similar to that of the Sahara Desert using only solar energy.

13) ‘The Outpost’ Is Outdoor Industry’s Anti-Tradeshow

It’s an experience that borrows as much from ‘Burning Man’ as the aisles of an REI store.

14) Study Finds: Running Is Contagious

More than one million runners, 217 million miles, and five years of study reveal runners influence each other’s habits. And they’re competitive about it.

15) Altra’s First ‘Smart Shoe’ Will Change The Way You Run

Years in development, Utah-based Altra adds a set of sensors to one of its flagship shoes. We ran 40 miles for a first review.

Altra Torin IQ Smart Running Shoe

16) Ultra-Heavy Backpacking: Hunter’s Video Reveals Bottomless Pack

How much is too much to pack? How about this much?

17) Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

Our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

18) Most-Sustainable Gear? German Brand A ‘Quiet Leader’

With a huge line of products and 900 retail stores around the planet, Germany-based Jack Wolfskin is making waves in sustainable practices.

19) GoPro Pivots, Gets ‘Spherical’ With New Camera

The Fusion is said to capture every angle simultaneously ‘as though you had six GoPro cameras fused into one.’

gopro fusion 360

20) Plan Your Summer: 27 Western Mountain Town Festivals

Putting together your summer calendar? Check out these 27 mountain town festivals for a fun weekend on the road.

21) Big City Mountaineers: Climb A Peak, Help Kids In Need

Book a summit adventure, gather pledge donations and sponsors, and help fund wilderness training for kids.

22) Technical Trousers: Western Rise ‘Camp Pants’ Review

Compared to my typical pants choice (Dickies, Carhartts, Mountain Khakis) the Granite Camp Pants save weight and are a more versatile outdoors option.

23) No Sleep, Keep Paddling: Kayaking 300 Miles In ‘Everglades Challenge’

Our editor paddled for 300 nautical miles across a subtropical swath in an unsupported race with manatees, mangroves, and sleepless nights in a kayak seat.

everglades challenge magness