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‘Cramping,’ Toxic Tents, Cheese-Ball Machine Gun: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories for the past week, May 15 – 21, 2016.


1) Camping Tents Toxic? Duke Study Reveals Troubling Chemical Exposure

Could setting up a tent be a hazard to your health? A Duke University study reveals known carcinogens present in tent fabric from five brands.

2) Cheese Ball Machine Gun: Enough Said

And the Nobel Prize for cheese ball firearms goes to this guy!

3) Behold, A Sleek ‘Nesting’ Sea Kayak

A 14-foot touring kayak that packs down to a 3.5-foot unit comes to market this June.

4) Interview: Gene Epsy Recalls 1951 AT Thru-Hike

In 1951, Gene Espy became just the second person to hike the entire length of the Appalachian Trail. Oh, how times have changed.

santa cruz bronson

5) Santa Cruz Bronson: Best Mountain Bike, For Some

If your definition of ‘mountain biking’ includes technical terrain ridden hard uphill and down, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better bike than the Santa Cruz Bronson.

6) 10 Signs You’ve Gone From Camping To ‘Glamping’

What’s the difference between camping and ‘glamping’? Check these 10 tip-offs to see which ‘camp’ you’re in.

7) A Pop-Top Camper For Your Prius

‘Automatic’ pop-up roof tent makes almost any car a classic camper.

8) Google Unveils ‘Touch-Control’ Jean Jacket With Levi’s

Swipe a finger across your sleeve to answer a call. A new programmable fabric patch could redefine ‘wearables’ as we know them.

jean jacket

9) ‘Big Outdoors’ Upstart Marketplace For Tiny Brands

What’s the big idea? Upstart Big Outdoors deals only in independent outdoor brands you’ve probably never heard of.

10) Sick Of Glamping? Fight Back With ‘Cramping’

The disturbing fad of luxury camping needs to be destroyed. Dirtbags unite and take back the smelly ruggedness of over packed, car-born adventure.

11) Gransfors Bruk Hatchet: Worth The Hefty Price

Best axe on the market? To use a Gränsfors Bruk Small Forestry Axe or Wildlife Hatchet is to know the joy of efficient manual labor.

12) Bear Cubs, Momma Bear, Hop Into Alaska Triathlon

Competitors in the Gold Nugget Triathlon in Anchorage, Alaska, ran into furry obstacles during the event on Sunday.

13) Holistically American: ‘Farm to Feet’ Domestic Pledge

Farm to Feet, a sock brand based in Mt. Airy, NC, delivers in full on its ‘Made in USA’ promise. Using domestically produced materials and USA manufacturing, its 100% USA Supply Chain is an example to follow.


14) Siri, Catch A Fish: Old iPhone Works As Fishing Lure

Look out Angry Birds – iPhone fishing could be the next big craze.

15) Frayed Ends: The Mystery Behind Cotton Labeling

Advances in DNA testing and a new process called fibertyping raise questions about cotton purity, quality, and advertising. Are consumers really getting what they pay for?

16) Pump, Pump, Pump Your Canoe?

Apparently, you can pump a canoe the same way you’d pump a bike or skateboard. But you won’t be moving “gently down the stream.”

17) Video Makes 109 MPH Winds Look Fun!

What do professional weather observers do in 109 mph winds? The exact same thing you would, obviously.

18) Review: Goal Zero ‘Sherpa 100’ Solar Kit

The Goal Zero Sherpa 100 is a compact battery that can charge electronics as large as a laptop computer. We tested it on a road trip through California for this review.

Goal Zero Nomad 20 Charging Sherpa 100 Power Pack

19) Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A bike ‘mine,’ handmade sandals, and luxe pump are among emerging products, culled from crowd-source sites, PR campaigns, and industry scoops on the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

20) ‘Natural’ Workout Food That Tastes Good: Four Recipes

Hungry athletes take note: ‘Rocket Fuel’ recipes put creative twist on performance food.

21) 10,000 Mile Test: Mavic ‘Ellipse’ Bike Wheels Review

Could the Mavic Ellipse be the best urban bike wheel on the market? Over three years of testing, our editor put 10,000 miles on a set to find out.

22) New Yorkers Can’t Handle Their Mosquitoes

The top 50 American cities, ranked according to how much they tweet about mosquitoes. See where your town ranks.

23) Toughest Race In West? Welcome To ‘Niwot’s Challenge’

Ultra runners know about the Barkley Marathons. A new race in Colorado offers a mountainous version of the Barkley, including far-flung checkpoints and off-trail travel.

24) Neoprene ‘Ocean Jacket’ Stops Cold, Wet

A loose-fitting neoprene layer, this zip-up jacket will keep you warm even when soaking wet.

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