MiiR will donate 100% of all black friday sales to the charity: water foundation
(Photo/charity: water, MiiR)

Black Friday Donation: MiiR Gives 100% Away to Water Charity

This year, Climate Neutral drinkware company MiiR is thinking less about its bottom line and more about the spirit of giving.

In a refreshing take on corporate holiday shopping hub-bub, MiiR pledges 100% of in-store and online Black Friday sales to the organization charity: water.

This effort isn’t the brand’s first philanthropic partnership. It has a long history of donating profits to reputable organizations worldwide.

MiiR is also a member of 1% for the Planet, which battles greenwashing practices and requires members to donate at least 1% of their annual earnings to environmentally sound causes.

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charity: water

MiiR will donate 100% of all black friday sales to the charity: water foundation
(Photo/charity: water, MiiR)

charity: water is a nonprofit organization that works with rural and developing global communities to provide them with sustainable clean water access. All proceeds given to the foundation go directly to the funding of clean water projects.

Reportedly, charity: water has supplied clean water infrastructure to 29 countries and more than 13 million people.

“Clean water changes everything — it can improve health, boost local economies, empower women, and enable girls to get an education,” the foundation says.

MiiR’s Black Friday Drive

Miir Good Low Ball Stainless sitting on the table

To bolster its Black Friday fundraising, MiiR is listing several bestselling and new products in its sale. Knock out your gift list early (and ethically) at miir.com.

And, to learn more about MiiR’s commitment to environmental justice, read the company’s annual impact report.

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