How Dangerous Are Flash Floods? Find Out in POV Footage From Capitol Reef NP

A family visiting Capitol Reef National Park barely escapes from a narrow canyon as a flash flood sweeps other (occupied) vehicles away.

If you know someone that needs a PSA for taking flash floods seriously, then this homespun YouTube video is worth watching.

A family man visiting Capitol Reef National Park with his wife and three kids recorded the flash flood that occurred on June 23 this year. The chronicle moves from joyful to terrifying as the father tries to get his family and his Dodge Ram out of the park safely.

From a narrow spit of dry land, he watches helplessly as a couple nearly drowns when a sudden “wall of water” sweeps their vehicle away.

A helicopter later arrives to rescue the couple and carry the man’s family to safety.

If you’ve never been in a flash flood before, you may not know how quickly they can escalate or how dangerous they can be. Watch this clip for a first-hand look.

Runtime: 27 minutes

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