National Park Service NPS ranger badge

Parkie McParkface: How to Find Your Park Ranger Name

The National Park Service’s latest recruitment tool is way too fun.

We’ve all played the find-your-adult-film-star-name game. Well, the National Park Service (NPS) gave it a more G-rated, and productive, twist.

Tweaking a call for ranger applications, the NPS on Facebook today posted a graphic to help followers find their unique ranger names.

It’s easy, just use the chart above. First, find the name that corresponds to your birth month — that’s your park ranger first name. Then, take the first letter of your actual first name to find out what your ranger surname is. Being Adam born in October means I’m Parkie McParkface (and, really, I couldn’t be happier).

What’s yours? Moose Jaw Twiggs? Splash Macklin? Rocky Hammer?

It’s all in good fun, but also a great tool to get more people excited about the NPS and joining America’s iconic park ranger force.

Adam Ruggiero

Adam Ruggiero is the Editor In Chief of GearJunkie.

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