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Silver Shadow: Six Moon Designs Launches Ultralight Carbon Umbrella

Full protection, fewer grams: Six Moon Designs touts its Silver Shadow Carbon as the ‘lightest full-size trekking umbrella on the market.’

Funny hats, scratch-prone glasses, and goopy sunblock can all make protecting yourself from UV radiation on the trail a hassle. That’s why some fast-and-light brands offer trekking umbrellas. Despite commanding a relatively small market, lightweight, on-demand shade offers some hikers the easiest option for protection.

And while it’s no substitute for quality rain or snow gear, trekking umbrellas also provide some relief from inclement weather.

This month, Six Moon Designs revamped its umbrella line to include a cost-effective option and a carbon-fiber model it calls the “crown jewel of hiking umbrellas.”

Six Moon Designs Ultralight Hiking Umbrellas

Six Moon Designs Silver Shadow Carbon hiking umbrella

Leading the charge is the Silver Shadow Carbon. This umbrella weighs 6.8 ounces, uses all carbon-fiber components, and provides a full 37-inch canopy.

Its 24-inch shaft is non-collapsible and, like the spreaders and ribs, made from carbon fiber. The Silver Shadow Carbon provides 7.5 feet of coverage when open and costs $45.

For those who want a more affordable and packable option, Six Moon Designs also launched the Silver Shadow Mini. It weighs the exact same as the Carbon (6.8 ounces), but a collapsible and foldable design bring its total packed length to just 10 inches.

Plus, the Mini offers the same 7.5-foot coverage with its 38-inch canopy and 20.5-inch extended length. The Mini costs $35.

Six Moon Designs Silver Shadow Mini hiking umbrella folded

Both umbrellas utilize reflective silver coating that carries a UPF 50-plus rating.

Silver Shadow Carbon, Mini Umbrellas

The latest offerings from Six Moon Designs are very competitive in the hiking umbrella space. While Snow Peak’s Ultra-Light Umbrella is noticeably lighter at 4.5 ounces, it doesn’t advertise a UPF rating, and the Silver Shadow wins on coverage. Plus, the Ultra-Light Umbrella is more expensive, at $55.

And while both Helinox (Umbrella One) and Sea to Summit (Ultra-Sil Trekking Umbrella) have similar options, both fall short on either price or weight compared to the Silver Shadow.

Still, we haven’t tested these out yet. So keep an eye out — we’ll take some of these umbrellas on the trail this spring to see which works best.

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