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The Best Women’s Hunting Boots of 2023

From mountain hunting boots to those that will keep your toes dry in the duck blind, these are the best women's hunting boots on the market today.

(Photo/Rachelle Schrute)
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Your hunting boot may be one of the most important gear choices you make. They are your single connection point to the terrain, unless you lose your footing and make several painful connection points to the terrain. A bad boot can often mean a bad hunt. You can walk a long way with a lot of bad gear, but once your feet are done, you’re done.

It wasn’t always the case, but women’s hunting boots have come a long way, and I’m glad to say that we have a lot of options. Not long ago, we had to make do with nonspecific hiking boots or winter boots. Today, we have what feels like endless options for hunt-specific women’s boots.

Scroll through to see all of our recommended buys and check out our buyer’s guide for some expert advice on choosing a hunting boot. When it’s time to make a decision you can see a side-by-side breakdown of price and features in our comparison chart.

The Best Women’s Hunting Boots of 2023

Best Overall Women's Hunting Boot

Schnee’s Kestrel


  • Upper Top Grain Leather
  • Waterproof 100% Waterproof Sympatex™ Membrane
  • Outsole Vibram™ Circuma™ outsole
  • Insulation Uninsulated
Product Badge The Best Women’s Hunting Boots of 2023


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive


  • Expensive for an uninsulated boot
Best Budget Women's Hunting Boot

LaCrosse Clear Shot


  • Upper Nubuck Leather and Nylon
  • Waterproof Waterproof Dry-Core Lining
  • Outsole Crosshair Outsole
  • Insulation 800 grams Thinsulate
The Best Women’s Hunting Boots of 2023


  • Incredibly Warm
  • Budget Friendly
  • Classic Look
  • Suitable for Most Cold Weather Hunting


  • A bit stiff
  • Require a longer break-in period
Best Mountain Hunting Boot for Women

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme


  • Upper full grain leather
  • Waterproof Windtex® waterproof breathable flexible membrane
  • Outsole K-Talon™ outsoles
  • Insulation 400 gram Thinsulate™
The Best Women’s Hunting Boots of 2023


  • Seriously Stiff for Serious Mountain Work
  • Waterproof and Warm
  • Sole rigidity to help alleviate foot flex fatigue


  • Seriously Stiff (the break-in period might be harsh)
  • Expensive
Best Boots for Upland Bird Hunting

Danner Wayfinder


  • Upper Suede leather and nylon
  • Waterproof Waterproof Danner dry liner
  • Outsole Danner Wayfinder outsole
  • Insulation 400g Thinsulate
The Best Women’s Hunting Boots of 2023


  • Comfortable
  • Feels more like an athletic shoe than a boot
  • Warm


  • The toebox can be a little tight if you have wider feet
Best Rubber Boot

Irish Setter MudTrek Boots


  • Upper Vulcanized Rubber
  • Waterproof TempSense Lining
  • Outsole Aggressive Lug Pattern Outsole
  • Insulation 1200g PrimaLoft
The Best Women’s Hunting Boots of 2023


  • Insanely warm
  • Comfortable
  • 17-inch, adjustable calf keeps everything out


  • Bulky and Clunky
Best Hiking Boot for Hunting

Lowa Renegade GTX


  • Upper Nubuck Leather
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex Lining
  • Outsole Vibram Evo Outsole
  • Insulation Non-Insulated
The Best Women’s Hunting Boots of 2023


  • Lightweight
  • Athletic fit
  • Multi-use boot


  • Might not be suitable for aggressive terrain hunting or side-hilling
Best of the Rest

XTRATUF Legacy 15″ Boot


  • Upper Rubber
  • Waterproof Latex Neoprene Liner
  • Outsole Non-Marking, Low Tread Outsole
  • Insulation Non-Insulated
The Best Women’s Hunting Boots of 2023


  • A go-to boot that just works.
  • Waterproof
  • Let's be honest, they're cool looking


  • Size up. They run small and slender
  • No ankle or arch support

Magellan Women’s Snake Defender 2.0


  • Upper Leather and Nylon Upper
  • Waterproof Waterproof Lining
  • Outsole Slip Resistant
  • Insulation Non-Insulated
The Best Women’s Hunting Boots of 2023


  • Protection from snakes
  • Lightweight


  • Reports of zipper failure are something to consider

Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX Trail


  • Upper Synthetic and Nylon Mesh
  • Waterproof Not Waterproof
  • Outsole Deep Lug, Aggressive Outsole
  • Insulation Non-Insulated
The Best Women’s Hunting Boots of 2023


  • Comfortable
  • Breathes and keeps feet cool
  • Aggressive Tread means steady feet


  • Not suitable for gnarly weather
  • No ankle protection/support

Women’s Hunting Boot Comparison Chart

Hunting BootsPriceUpperWaterproofInsulation
Schnee’s Kestrel$389Top Grain LeatherWaterproof Sympatex™ MembraneNon-insulated
LaCrosse Clear Shot$190Nubuck Leather and NylonWaterproof Dry-Core Lining 800g Thinsulate
Kenetrek Mountain Extreme$505Full Grain LeatherWindtex® waterproof breathable 400g Thinsulate™
Danner Wayfinder$180Suede Leather and NylonWaterproof Danner Dry Liner400g Thinsulate
Irish Setter MudTrek Boots$230Vulcanized RubberWaterproof TempSense Lining1200g PrimaLoft
Lowa Renegade GTX$255Nubuck LeatherGore-Tex LiningNon-Insulated
Xtratuf 15″ Legacy Boot$160RubberLatex Neoprene LinerNon-Insulated
Magellan Women’s Snake Defender $120Leather and Nylon Upper Waterproof LiningNon-Insulated
Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX$150Synthetic and Nylon MeshNot WaterproofNon-Insulated
Author glassing the Missouri Breaks of Montana; (photo/Rachelle Schrute)

Why You Should Trust Us

We hunt a lot. Not only do we hunt, but we hunt in a variety of conditions. Boots are one of the most essential pieces of gear a hunter can wear, so we make it a point to get a lot of boots on our feet. It may sound cliché, but they can make or break your hunt.

After wearing so many different boot styles and covering countless miles on rugged terrain, we feel confident that we’re helping you make the best decision you can in your boot choice.

Hunting boots are often a big investment, and we don’t take that lightly. We wear our boots through streams and mud, across loose shale, and in frigid conditions.

If there’s a chance to ruin a boot, we take it. Our goal is to put these boots through things you’d never dream of doing to your own. We intensionally try to find the weak points, so you never have to.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Hunting Boot

Choosing the right boot is a deeply personal endeavor. Your foot is not shaped the same as mine. Your arch may be different. You may have a wider toebox requirement. Finding the right pair of boots is a matter of finding the crossroads of what fits your foot and what fits your activity.

The best rubber waterfowl boot on the market is worthless if your foot is covered in blisters by the end of the day. The most comfortable pair of hiking boots you own is just as worthless if your foot is soaked from inclement conditions.

Here are a few tips that can help you find the best boot for your foot and needs.

If you need more detailed info, check out our 20 tips on buying the perfect boot.

Author hunting Early Archery Season in record-breaking high temps;(photo/Rachelle Schrute)

Know Your Size, Fit, and Be Flexible

If you were to ask me what size boot I wear, I would default to a 6. The reality is that I own and wear boots anywhere from a 5.5 up to a 7. Each boot fits a little differently, and depending on the season, sock choice, and build of the boot, the sizes you need may vary pretty drastically. If you have the ability, get into a physical store and try them on.

Pro tip: Try on boots at the end of the day, as feet tend to be just slightly bigger after hours of being on them.

Even if you plan on buying your boots online, it’s best to get them on your foot first. If you can’t try them on, make sure the boots you pull the trigger on have a decent return policy in the event they don’t work out.

It’s good to know that the way the best women’s hunting boots fit should vary, pending on your activity. For intense mountaineering-style hunting, you want a snug but comfortable boot to prevent your foot from sliding around inside the boot, causing injury and pain. For even terrain hunting, you may want a little extra room for walking comfort.

The Schnee’s Kestrel offers plenty of support for steeper terrain while being comfortable for long days in the field; (photo/Rachelle Schrute)

Avoid Hot Spots & Get Your System Down Early

I cannot stress this enough: Wear your boots. As soon as you make the decision to buy a pair of hunting boots, wear them to the office, grocery store, park, around the house, and up and down every flight of stairs you can find. The sooner you have them on your feet, the sooner you discover any issues that could wreck your hunting experience.

The break-in period for the best women’s hunting boots is crucial, and the earlier it starts, the better.

You should also make sure to wear them with their corresponding socks. If you’ll be wearing thick wool socks during hunting season, you better wear them during pre-season. To better dial in your sock game, check out our guide to the best hunting socks.

If you find they aren’t comfortable after breaking them in a bit, there are some other things you can do. An insole can be a game changer. Superfeet is a favorite, and the brand has a plethora of insoles to choose from for various scenarios.

Additionally, you can try multiple lacing systems to get the fit of your boot just so. Sock liners are another mode of defense over hot spots.

(Photo/Lindsey Mulcare)

Where Are You Going?

Are you heading to steep, rocky, elevation-gaining terrain? You’re going to need a stiffer sole, serious traction, and solid ankle support.

Going on a late-fall hunt with a heavy pack in the Northwest? Now we’re talking waterproofing, traction, and warmth.

Not sure what types of terrain you’re getting into? An all-around boot with water resistance and serious comfort may be your priority features.


Do I have to have hunting boots to go hunting? 

No. A good pair of hiking boots will typically suffice. If you get serious about hunting and you’re putting in a lot of time on the mountain or in the field, you should seriously consider it, though. Hunting boots are typically built with specific hunt activities in mind, offer great support, and superior protection from the elements. That all being said, it’s better to have a comfortable hiking boot than it is to have a hunting boot that destroys your feet.

Should I treat my hunting boots with a waterproof treatment?

Typically, yes. Though most dedicated hunting boots are waterproof, as water and muck are just par for the course, you should consider taking extra care to protect your boots. With leather boots, each brand usually recommends a treatment that works best for their boot. Nikwax is a popular treatment for waterproofing leather. Some people also use bear grease or bee’s wax.

Rubber boot treatments are less common, but if you live in a really arid environment, you can face cracking if you don’t care for you boots properly. Consider treating your rubber boots with a product like Gear Aid Revivex (which is also great for neoprene).

My feet are always cold. Is there a way to make my hunting boots warmer?

Women and cold feet: it’s a tale as old as time. As someone with chronically cold feet, this one hits home. There are several ways to keep your feet warm during hunting season. The first is to keep them dry. Wet feet are hard to bounce back from and it’s tough to dry out a boot in the field. Be sure your boots are fully waterproof and if you’re nervous about wet conditions, invest in a pair of gaiters.

On the flip side, make sure your feet aren’t sweating. A hot sweaty foot becomes a cold clammy foot pretty quickly. If you overdo insulation, you can really end up with colder feet.

High-quality wool socks are invaluable. Invest in a few good pairs of socks. They are expensive, but they are worth it. Even a bad pair of boots can be tolerated with a good pair of socks.

When all else fails: HotHands Toe Warmers are worth their weight in gold.
*pro-tip: put them on the TOP of your toebox in your boot, not on the insole.

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