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Casio and Fishbrain Team Up to Help Anglers ‘Fish Smarter, Not Harder’

The new collaboration between watchmaker Casio and fishing social media platform Fishbrain adds a hands-free approach to fishing technology.

Smartwatches are becoming more and more ubiquitous in the sporting world. And tech companies are building on how this hands-free technology can make life easier amidst the pursuit. A social media platform called Fishbrain is on trend, and anglers look to benefit.

Fishbrain’s BiteTime technology crowdsources information from more than 8 million anglers. It tells users what species is biting, on what, and where. It’s a data-based approach to an often mythological pursuit, and it does this while combining weather and climate attributes to each forecast.

Looking to catch a tarpon in the Bahamas? Another aptly named “Fishbrainer” has likely recorded a catch. And the app will give you a full chart reading of how to best approach that species in the water on that day.

Taking it a step further, Fishbrain and Casio have paired up on an app for the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 ($549). Beyond Fishbrain connectivity, it also has a digital compass, an altimeter, a barometer, and an activity tracker.

Fishbrain App, Smartwatch Integration

Casio Fishbrain smartwatch for fishing


Check out the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30

The Fishbrain app’s smartwatch integration allows anglers to log catches by voice, access data, and use the app without having to constantly dig out their smartphone. It’s a smart idea, and for those of us who use smartwatches in our day-to-day goings, this might make for seamless integration into days spent on the water.

Of course, all of this comes at a cost. Access to Fishbrain’s BiteTime technology is a $75 yearly commitment for now, and the Casio watch itself clocks in at $549 new. You’ll have to join Fishbrain to see subscription options and better understand the technology, as the company doesn’t have an easily accessible webpage that shares this information.

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