How a Fly Fisherman & Chef Found Solace in the Outdoors

Fly fisherman and chef Ranga Perera casts with his whole heart after a health scare. See his story in this Stio short film.

We never know when a breath could be our last or when our heart will beat one last time. We’re not trying to be grim, but rather truthful and honest. Life is fleeting.

Stio’s new film, “Attack and Release,” dives into that topic. It introduces us to Ranga Perera, chef and fisherman, who finds solace and healing in the outdoors.

The short film, which the outdoor apparel brand debuted at the 5Point Adventure Film Festival last month, is an artful and accessible reminder of nature’s medicinal prowess, especially for Perera.

After emigrating from Sri Lanka to the United States, we learn that Perera lost his father to a heart attack. Amid grief and uncertainty, he migrated to Montana, where the magic of fly fishing offered him healing and perspective.

Perera then faced an unfortunate health scare of his own but was able to recover thanks to his connection to the outdoors. In the film, he learns the importance of mindfulness and living life with an open heart through his journey.

Runtime: 15 minutes

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