Use This Arrowhead Pendant To Hunt & Fish

This may be the first piece of jewelry we’ve yet seen that you could use to spear dinner.

arrowhead pendant

The Sharktooth 12-in-1 Utility Pendant is a pretty unique take on the multitool — and on jewelry.

multitool pendant

The most obvious function of this necklace adornment is as a spear tip. With a sharp point and weight that the company claims balances an arrow well, you could conceivably strap this to a stick and have a spear or arrow for dire circumstances.

While we hope it wouldn’t come down to that, you could rest easy knowing you’ve got your emergency arrowhead at the ready at all times.

Slightly more practical, this multi-function jewelry also has several built-in wrenches (see below for sizes) and a micro-tooth saw.

We doubt many people will ever use this pendant as anything other than jewelry, but it is a fun conversation starter that could, conceivably, get you out of a pinch.

Arrowhead Pendant 2

On the downside, we doubt that the TSA would let this slide through security. But for those looking for some functional, made in the USA chest bling, this is a fun alternative. At $22 on Kickstarter, you don’t have much to lose.

pendant multitool

Sharktooth Wrench Sizes

  • 1/4″ tight fit (can be altered for specific drill bit/nut tolerance requirements)
  • 9/32″ or 7mm relax fit
  • 5/16″ tight fit
  • 11/32″ exact or 8mm relax fit
  • 13/32″ exact or 10mm relax fit
  • 1/2″ exact fit or 12mm relax fit
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