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6 Unusual But Awesome Pieces of Gear for Your Hunting Kit

Hunters in Sitka CamoPhoto credit: Brett Seng & Sitka Gear
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Hunting season is upon us. Which means it’s time to dust off and revamp the ol’ hunting kit. We’ve got a few off-the-wall suggestions from our in-house hunting crew to get you more than dialed this season.

Hunting kits are sacred to the individual. In my experience with friends, each kit and gear closet is as unique as a fingerprint. And, of course, the gear we hold fits our specific needs, be it waterfowling, whitetail tree sits, or a backcountry elk hunt.

But we can surely learn from each other on how to build out better kits. I’ve dusted off my own gear closet and picked the minds of a few hunters for their favorite oddball pieces of gear.

Here’s what I came up with. And I’d love to know any unusual things that you, dear reader, stick in your pack as well.

Rite in the Rain Notebook: $5

Rite in the Rain Notebook

Having the ability to record information in any weather is likely more pertinent to hunting than most other endeavors. And it can be a useful tool in an emergency. Or just to leave a note for another member of your party. For just $5, you get a small notebook that is lightweight and won’t overcrowd your kit.

They work with a regular pen or pencil, but for safety’s sake, it’s not a bad idea to grab a weatherproof pen to go along with your kit. And that particular pen is blaze-orange, so you can find the thing in a pinch when you eventually drop it.

See the Rite in the Rain Notebook

Superfeet Insoles: $50

Superfeet Insoles

I’ve had many people poo-poo my use of these insoles. And to those people I say, “Que sera sera.” But to you, I say they’re worth every single penny. I love Superfeet, and they come in a wide variety of options.

They’re comfort-making, odor-busting, dry-feeling, feet-warming miracle workers. They help those expensive boots last longer, and they are an awesome addition to whatever it is you’ve got on your feet this fall. They also come in a variety of options for warmth, gender, and utility. Check ’em out.

See the Superfeet Insoles

CH Hanson Fluorescent Orange Flagging Tape: $5

CH Hanson Fluorescent Orange Flagging Tape

If you get into a bind and you’re stuck on a blood trail, flagging or surveyor’s tape can really help you out. It’s a non-adhesive tape designed to work as a lightweight marker. And it can help you navigate your way back out of the woods if the shit hits the fan on a long trail.

One of our editors uses it to add a few dabs of bright color to his camo archery clothing for safety during Colorado’s combined archery and muzzleloader season. Plus, it’s cheap and light.

See the CH Hanson Fluorescent Orange Flagging Tape

Portable Energy: CLIF BLOKS ($24 for 18), Voke Tabs ($7 for 6), Strike Force ($5 for 4)

Portable Energy from CLIF, Voke, and Strike Force

I couldn’t pick just one. There’s a ton of weird ultralight stuff out there to give you a boost when coffee is too time-consuming. Back when I was long-distance hiking, I thrived on CLIF BLOKS with 25 mg of caffeine as I locked in my miles. They were great and helped with hydration and salt intake along the way.

Recently, I’ve made a switch over to Voke Superfood Tabs. These bad boys have 77 mg of caffeine and a bunch of other hippie stuff that makes ya feel good. Seriously, I love them.

If you’re legit crazy af, you can go for the veteran-owned Strike Force’s take on an energy drink. It packs 160 mg of caffeine into each little drink “cartridge,” as the brand calls it. Which is mildly terrifying. But I’ve got one in my pack just in case an emergency arises.

See the CLIF BLOKSSee the Voke TabsSee all Strike Force products

Kindle Paperwhite: $130

Kindle Paperwhite

I’m always talking about my Kindle because I legit bring it everywhere. And it has been an absolute standout in my hunting pack. Once shooting hours are over and my gun is unloaded for the eve, it’s the Kindle that keeps me company on those off-grid nights solo camping in my rig.

If you need any more convincing, I wrote an entire review on the thing. The new Paperwhite is also freakin’ waterproof. Time to trade my old faithful in for a newbie, methinks.

See the Kindle Paperwhite

Snowpeak Titanium Spork: $10

Snow Peak Titanium Spork

This featherweight spork has been in my pack for years. It’s efficient and easy to clean, and I like that it’s prettier and more durable than plastic utensils.

There’s just something fun and childlike about eating with a spork. The name is fun. The design is simple. And it’s been one of those pieces that easily slid from my backpacking kit into my hunting kit.

See the Snow Peak Titanium Spork

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