Polartec Spotlights BIPOC Athletes and Filmmakers in ‘Outdoors Are For Everyone’

The opening chords of the Black Pumas’ ‘Colors’ in current pop culture can mean only one thing: a rally for racial equity.

That’s exactly what Polartec’s Outdoors Are For Everyone campaign is. Throughout the past year, the brand identified a variety of outdoor adventurers of color worldwide to diversify its messaging.

The result consolidates the group’s output into a short clip illustrating the diversity anthem. BIPOC outdoor enthusiasts, photographers, filmmakers, designers, color theorists, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) leaders all collaborated on the project.

Polartec worked with the group to “listen to experiences, discuss potential issues, and identify outcomes” before launching the video.

Thirteen different filmmakers from six territories (United States, Japan, France, India, Canada, and the Navajo Nation) participated. And 30 BIPOC outdoor athletes helped spotlight gear and apparel from 16 of Polartec’s brand partners.

A website accompanies the video to promote the Polartec project’s ultimate objective: to “drive work with more diverse outdoor participants.” Elements include a short bio, video clip, and a Q&A with each filmmaker. Check out the whole project and familiarize yourself with the individuals who made it possible.

Runtime: 2 minutes

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