City Slicker to Survivalist: ust Exec Opens Up on Path to the Outdoors

Ust Gear has rebranded over the past year in a major way. Hear a bit of its history, and how the new ust came to be from brand director Tony Galbreath.

Tony Galbreath is the creative director of ust. But he’s also an avid outdoorsman who comes from an unlikely and urban background. His story is part of ust’s.

Especially given ust’s recent rebranding, having ust creatives like Galbreath share their backgrounds, stories, and goals is key to its existence in a competitive market like the outdoor industry.

Ust, which stands for Ultimate Survival Technologies, was formerly a survival-oriented brand, offering products like flint strikers, tick wranglers, and waterproof emergency lights. Now, the brand has diversified, expanding to tents, backpacking gear, camp mugs, and more.

This episode highlights Galbreath’s urban background and his unlikely path to thriving in the outdoors. Ust hopes it will inspire others to follow a similar path, and to get out and explore in new ways.

This video is part three in ust’s storytelling series.

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