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No Bird Included: This Falconry Set Costs $120K

willimason wallingford falconry set
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Stop killing rodents the old-fashioned way. This year, do it in style with a blinged-out falcon.

willimason wallingford falconry set

Hold out your hand and make a fist. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Did anyone notice? I’ll bet nobody looked over, dropped their Fresca, and gasped in amazement at your arm. And I’ll guarantee no bad-ass falcon swooped in with a dead muskrat in its beak and landed on it.

Well that could all change, my friend. All you need is a little determination, thousands of hours of training, and this $120,000 falconry set made with gold, python skin, and crocodile leather.

No falcon included.

That’s right, everything you need to tame one of the world’s most fearsome hunters, made from man-eating predators and topped off with gold ornaments. Go ahead, pick up that Fresca.

Wallingford Falconry Set

First thing’s first – you probably don’t have $120,000 to spend on a falconry set. That’s good news because, according to the North American Falconers Association, it’ll take at least seven years for you to become a master. That’s plenty of time to save up.

The product comes from the bizarre brand Williamson Goods & Supply. If you haven’t heard of it, you probably don’t read Robb Report for your weekly shopping. It makes things like a $35,000 bike – kid you not – and a $6,250 crocodile-skin football. While few people will likely ever buy one of their products, it’s pretty entertaining to browse.

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The Wallingford Falconry Set comes with a glove for you and a hood for the falcon – don’t mix them up.

The set comes custom made out of Detroit. The hood is a combination of crocodile and python leather. And there’s a little gold ornament and tassel, which the falcon probably wouldn’t like. But hey, he won’t see it, right?

willimason wallingford falconry set glovesFor you, a set of three python-leather gloves, each with its own unique color of mink fur: blue, black, and (of course) gold. This set is made to order, so allow up to six months for delivery.

To recap: For $120,000 you can wear mink, python, and crocodile, and you get three left-handed gloves and a tiny hat for a falcon. And before you comment about how absurd that sounds, remember this is designed for people who want to spend years training a bird to find, kill, and bring back vermin.

But if that sounds like the life for you, make this the year people (and falcons) notice that arm.

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