Watch Explorers Fight for Survival in the World’s Deepest Cave

If you loved Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi’s ‘The Rescue,’ then this video about the world’s deepest cave will have you glued to the screen once again.

The world’s deepest cave isn’t easy to find. Located in one of the most remote mountain ranges on Earth, Veryovkina Cave plunges to a depth of 7,257 feet. With the entrance located at 7,500 feet, spelunkers must deal with technical climbing just to reach it.

The latest video from YouTube’s “Scary Interesting” tells the history of the infamous Georgia cave. The thrilling narrative covers the unexpected rain event that nearly killed the team tasked with exploring it. It also unfurls the mystery of a body found deep in the cave — and the macabre way the man’s remains were ultimately returned to his family.

So flip the lights off and grab a pillow — it’s scary movie time.

Runtime: 20 minutes

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