Vacuum Compressor In Your Backpack

How do you fit more stuff in carry-on luggage? With force, of course!

vacuum bag 2

But when cramming and stuffing just won’t do, it’s time to enlist the big gun of vacuum power. That’s what the recently launched GOBAG uses to squeeze every last item into your carry-on, and it’s caught on big time.

So far, 1,400 people have invested a hefty $266,000 to launch the company through Kickstarter. Apparently, a lot of people can’t fit quite enough in that overhead compartment.


The GOBAG has an internal compression sack made of sealed TPU that has a one-way valve. You can use a vacuum to suck out the air, or compress it from the outside.

Beyond the space saving vacuum bag, the backpack has a few clever design features such as a hidden compartment, detachable clear ‘washbag’ for liquids, and detachable laptop harness.


Without using, it’s hard to guess how well the vacuum bag insert will work for compressing clothing. But the idea has merit and is an interesting addition to the luggage market.

If you’re in the market for a new carry-on, check them out on Kickstarter. The setup costs about $200. You might just be able to bring along a few extra changes of clothes.

Sean McCoy

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