Patagonia’s Newest Bike Film Is the Best Kind of Rad

In 2002, Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller moved to the Fruita, Colorado, with a couple of mountain bikes and an entrepreneurial spirit. And their love story didn’t just launch a storied pizza joint — it also helped shape a mountain biking oasis.

These days, they run a pizza joint called The Hot Tomato when they’re not ripping around the Grand Valley on their bikes.

And the beauty of this 12-minute film by Patagonia is that it’s not about the bikes, or the pizza joint, or the fact that Zeuner and Keller are married to each other. It’s about the people of Fruita and the celebration of what it means to come together. This film packs a powerful and fun punch. Take a few minutes and indulge.

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Nicole Qualtieri

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