Running for Justice: Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel

jordan marie daniel
Podcast Season 3 Episode 11
Recorded: May 11, 2022

She sparked disbelief and much-needed dialogue around the outdoor industry and beyond with a silent, shocking run at the Boston Marathon.

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A bright-red handprint covered Jordan Daniel’s mouth across all 26.2 miles of the 2019 Boston Marathon. It was blunt, unnerving, and impossible to ignore. In the days that followed, the meaning behind the letters painted on her arm, “MMIW,” in the same red paint became clear: missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Daniel has since become a leader and icon in the push to raise awareness of the women and relatives who go missing on reservations. Why does it happen? Why isn’t it reported? What can we all do?

'Running for Justice': Boston Marathoner Launches Virtual Race for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Relatives

Jordan MarieDaniel gained recognition in the running community when she ran the 2019 Boston Marathon with a red handprint over her mouth to symbolize Indigenous women silenced by violence. On May 5, you can join her in a virtual run to further raise awareness of this epidemic. Read more…

Daniel makes difficult conversations about race, injustice, and ingrained disinformation simpler, less combustible, and more matter-of-fact. In this episode, she leads us through what it means to “dismantle supremacy,” something that may be as difficult to recognize as it is to unlearn.

But progress happens in these conversations. Understanding is the first step. It’s a humbling conversation, but one that enables change, respect, and empowerment.



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