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Best Apple Watch Yet? Everything You Need to Know About the Series 6

What could get better than an always-on display, upgraded cardio monitoring, and new band styles? Read on to learn why the Series 6 is Apple’s best watch yet.

Consumers and industry workers alike have been waiting for a new line of Apple products to hit the market this fall. Today, Apple held an online launch for its new iPad Pro and Series 6 Watch.

The new models will be available as soon as this month. Read on to learn what’s new with the Series 6.

Apple Series 6 Watch: New Features

“In these times, it’s so inspiring how people have adapted. We feel a deep responsibility to keep innovating,” Apple CEO Tim Cook announced as he previewed the new Series 6 watch.

In the 21st century, watches are no longer just about telling time. Apple designed the Series 6 with a focus on health metrics, fitness app compatibility, on-wrist smart controls, and more.

The major updates include a pulse oximeter and app to measure blood oxygen levels, VO2 max cardio metric detection, and Apple Watch OS 7. Plus, it has dozens of new display features.

Apple series 6 watch

“The Apple Series 6 has a new health sensor that measures blood oxygen levels,” said Apple COO Jeff Williams. “It can take a measurement in just 15 seconds.”

In addition to the new health metric features, the Series 6 will also come with new face modes. It has a GMT face to show multiple time zones at once, a fitness face to show multiple metrics during exercise, and a typographic face with different font options.

The Series 6 also has a new family setup option so those without smartphones can still use an Apple watch. And it has a do-not-disturb “school time” mode for kids.

Apple watch family setup

But that’s not all. The Series 6 launch includes the most affordable yet most featured watch to date. The Apple Watch SE, based on the Series 6 design, has all the basic features of the 5 and 6 for a more affordable price. It has the updated features of the 6 (like fall detection, an altimeter, GPS, Family Setup compatibility) with the Series 5 chip.

The Apple Series 6 Watch will retail for $399, and the Apple Watch SE for $279.

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How Does the Series 6 Compare?

The Apple Watch Series 3 ($199) was Apple’s first smartwatch model, with fitness, heart-monitoring, and connectivity features for daily performance. Compared to the Series 3, the Apple Watch Series 5 (from $399) got upgrades like a 30% larger always-on retina display, international emergency calling, fall detection, and a built‑in compass.

The Series 5 was also had new haptic feedback and a processing chip up to two times faster than the Series 3.

The Series 6 Watch is thinner yet packed with even more features — a 2.5-times-brighter screen display when the sun is out, a built-in altimeter, new watch face modes, and the blood oxygen metric detector mentioned above.

The newest Apple watch will come in either a 40mm or 44mm case size. Like previous models, it will be water-resistant up to 50 m. Design updates include a new gold stainless steel finish, a blue case, a red case, and a new continuous solo loop band.

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