Review: ‘Brick Tough’ Power Unit From Brunton

A brick-tough unit that can charge multiple laptops, phones, cameras, and anything else out there… the Brunton Servo 120 is a pro-level power station that we put to a test around the world this year.

brunton battery pack

From Alaska and the Iditarod Trail, to remote jungle tracks, this year I put the Brunton Servo 120 to the test and then some. As a videographer, my power needs are high, including multiple cameras, backup batteries, monitors, and a drone.

The lithium-polymer based Servo is not small — it weighs more than 3 pounds and is 8 x 7 x 2 inches. But the case is rugged, and after much abuse it’s outperformed other power options on my shelf.

The unit is also not cheap, at about $400. But if you’re deep in the field in need of power, this is the price to pay for a plug-in anywhere.

Review: Brunton Servo 120

Brunton gives an AC outlet on this unit as well as the requisite USB port. Its capacity, at 120 WH, can power any of my gear. It’s saved me a few times, especially in Alaska where the cold zapped the life out of electronics.

At 120 WH, this is a lot of power for a portable charger. For comparison, the Goal Zero Sherpa 100 power pack rocks 98 WH, and costs a comparable $349 for the battery alone.

brunton servo

Brunton says the Servo 120 can recharge a laptop four times, or power 15 iPhones back to full. There’s a fan on back of the mini generator to cool it all when the power output heats things up.

For the filmer, photographer, or electronics-heavy trekker, this unit will not disappoint. The rugged form factor lived up to my abuse, and if you need even more output Brunton makes the Servo stackable with other units.

Rugged Power Unit

Its build quality feels remarkable, almost as if it’s made out of tough Pelican Case plastic. I flew to Alaska to follow dogsled racers for a week. It lived with me in tents and lodges, coming to Asia and into the mountains of Oregon on alpine shoots, kicking around in my bag with grip gear for weeks.

At over 3 pounds this isn’t light; Brunton does claim its lithium-ion battery has the highest “power density to weight ratio available” in a portable power pack of this kind. For me, weight was not an issue, as snowmobiles, airplanes, and trucks were mostly employed on my recent shoots.

battery in tent

If you trek, paddle, or otherwise move in a human-powered way, this unit will likely be overkill for all but the most power-hungry in the adventure set.

In my review, it successfully powered on every time and battled through the harsh elements I threw at it. This Brunton saved me from missing the shot when my camera went dead. Back in a tent, it was the center of attention each night as batteries recharged and I packed and prepared for another epic day.

Brunton Servo 120

  • Battery: Lithium Polymer (120 WH)
  • Size: 8.3″ x 6.9″ x 2.1″; 3.4 pounds
  • Output: AC 110V, DC 12V/5A, USB 5V/2.1 AMP (EU 220V Version available)
  • Input:15V/3A MAX
  • Compatibility:110/240V
  • Includes Built-in Inverter