out of pocket cell signal blocking pouch by cali cowboy with badges

Out of Pocket Pouch Blocks Phone Signals So You Can Unplug

California Cowboy rolls out a low-profile fabric that reportedly nixes cell, Wi-Fi, and GPS signals.

Ever wish you had a personal Faraday cage in your back pocket? You know, something that could put a little physical and mental space between you and your phone?

California Cowboy claims to have a slim, stashable solution. It’s called the Out of Pocket Pouch, and it’s here to block your phone from cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS signals so you can unplug and go off-grid for a bit.

Out of Pocket Cell Signal Blocking Pouch

out fo pocket cell signal blocking pouch by cali cowboy with badges
(Images/California Cowboy)

Why not just put your phone in airplane mode? Or power it down and save some juice? Well, airplane mode doesn’t come with a protective, ripstop case, does it? But the Out of Pocket signal blocking pouch does. The Velcro-sealed envelope is designed to keep devices out of sight but secure.

The pouch will hold smartphones up to 6.5 inches. And, in this case, size matters. Especially if you intend to use the Out of Pocket while sporting your itty-bitty California Cowboy robe: the pouch is precisely cut to fit into the zippered dry pocket found in all of CC’s technical apparel.

If flair is your thing, CC includes three interchangeable Velcro badges: Digital Detox, Endless Analog, and Silence is Golden. Each badge attaches to the pouch’s front.

California Cowboy Approach

out of pocket cell signal blocking pouch by cali cowboy with endless analog badge
(Image/California Cowboy)

As the patron saint brand of high-quality, armchair adventurer apparel, CC has suavely set up shop in a rarely touched corner of the gear world.

In an alternate timeline, 1970s Burt Reynolds is the brand ambassador, donning a California Cowboy bear-print tiny robe, his signal-blocking pouch stuffed and stashed securely in the robe’s waterproof chest pocket. He beckons you over, hands you an ice-cold Pacifico pulled from the insulated hip koozie, and a spare Out of Pocket Pouch: “Gotcha something.”

You sequester your phone as he raises his beer to toast. “All you really have in the end are your stories,” he says with a wry smile and a wink. You nod, take a swig, and then set out into the great and digitally unencumbered present.

Pricing, Availability

CC prices its Out of Pocket signal blocking pouch at $38. Place an order and see what else is in store at shop.californiacowboy.com. As Burt might say, “We’re only here for a little while, and you’ve got to have some fun, right?”

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