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Control iPhone with a Flat watch device made for sports

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With apps, GPS, maps, and powerful computing capabilities, smartphones are valuable training, entertainment, navigation, and communications tools that have one simple problem when used in outdoor environments: They are usually in your pocket or backpack.

Enter the Dew Motion iStick Playtime. This new watch device allows access and control of many iPhone (and Android soon) features and apps from a joystick-controlled wrist display.

iStick Playtime controls and displays information from compatible smartphones

It is currently featured on the crowdsourcing site indiegogo, where company founder Frederic Blouin hopes to raise $250,000 to take the product to production.

The watch, which connects with the phone via Bluetooth 4.0, can also allow the user to answer phone calls and talk with iPhone’s Siri through integrated speakers and a microphone on the unit.

Connects via Bluetooth

Flat and flexible, the watch uses a tiny “joystick” and voice commands to navigate iPhone menus.

Dew Motion cites the watch to be scratch resistant, waterproof to about three feet, and useable in cold down to about 15 degrees F. It will retail for between $150 to $175 if and when the watch comes to market.

See all the details on the brand’s indiegogo campaign this month.

—Sean McCoy

On the wrist: That little knob is a “joystick” used to navigate menus

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