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World’s Best Tiny (Mega-Bright) Flashlight Under $30

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Upon first glance, Factor Equipment’s minuscule Ghost looks like a common keychain flashlight. But the details and performance of the little light are illuminating (pardon the pun).


The Ghost 130 USB Rechargeable Microlight pumps out up to 130 lumens of brightness, has an ipx-8 waterproof rating, is micro-USB rechargeable, and retails for just $29.95.

The Ghost has a higher price tag than many similar tiny lights that adorn the checkout aisle at big box hardware stores. But both its quality and price tag make it more at home in the lighted glass case of an REI or at a boutique camping store.

Of course, you can also spend more. But for me, this is a perfect mix of low price and great performance.

Review: Tiny Flashlight, Lots Of Power

Weighing in at 17 grams, and smaller than a single AA battery, the Ghost earns its value with a host of performance features that I’ve never seen in this small a package.

tiny flashlight ghost

Most importantly, 130 lumens is enough light to actually DO things. I used this light in my review for impromptu cave explorations, plumbing, car breakdown emergencies, and a whole host of night activities (including singletrack mountain biking, night orienteering, and for tasks while camping).

Simple Small Flashlight

factor flashlight

The Ghost is all set to be a keyring light, but it ships with a length of paracord that gives it a more tactical feel. A charging cord and two spare o-rings are included – although I’ve yet to need to replace an o-ring after extensive use.

At full power (130 lumens), the light lasts just over 30 minutes. The head can be twisted for a much lower power mode that lasts nearly 6 hours while producing a modest 8 lumens.

Recharging to full power is nearly as fast, taking well under an hour for the included 10180 USB rechargeable Li-ion battery.

The micro-USB port is often the most vulnerable part of any outdoor rechargeable, but the Ghost encases it inside a removable metal sleeve, keeping it robustly protected. It’s thus waterproof to two meters.

Truly ‘Tiny’ Light

The only downside to the Ghost is one that it shares with nearly every light in the “keychain” genre. While the small size might be one of its best selling points as an EDC (Every Day Carry) light, it also means that it is very easy to lose track of. I misplaced this light so many times that I finally just bought a couple of them.

ghost flashlight review

I keep one clipped to my most used backpack, one clipped under my bike seat for emergency night commutes, and one on my keychain, of course.

Over a few months, in the course of my review, I’ve submerged it in water, run over it with a fat bike, and dropped it off a 30′ cliff. No damage, but after that last one it took me nearly an hour to find it. Just like its namesake, this tiny tool is pretty much invisible unless it wants to be seen.

In the end, the $29.95 price tag is the only thing keeping me from loading up a Ghost in nearly every pack pocket, jacket and keychain I own.

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