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Pocket Dump: Fenix EDC Flashlights for Any Occasion

Fenix E-Lite EDC lighting up furnacePhoto courtesy of Fenix.
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Fenix makes a range of everyday carry flashlights that let you prioritize size, weight, light output, and versatility. Whether you want a light for daily use or just-in-case scenarios, there’s a flashlight to keep you prepared.

Your smartphone flashlight can work for quick and close needs, but nothing performs quite like a dedicated flashlight. Fenix makes a range of pocket-sized flashlights made with durable cases that can shine hundreds of lumens into hard-to-see areas.

Flashlight aficionados like to point out that Earth is dark half the time and having a “pocket sun” comes in handy. Even during the day, a flashlight can provide visibility to dark areas like a closet or cabinet, a server rack, or under the bed.

Like many everyday carry (EDC) tools, a flashlight can prove its usefulness once you start to carry it.

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Fenix LD15R flashlight redlight in tent
Photo courtesy of Fenix.

Flashlights as EDC

In short, EDC items are those that likely live atop a dresser and what you reach for after you put on your pants in the morning. A ritual of preparedness for the day, these items often include a wallet, keys, and smartphone for most folks. From there, EDC lists often include items like a compact knife, multitool, and/or flashlight.

Yes, flashlights are very much a part of the EDC landscape, and there’s a wide variety to suit different needs and preferences. With a sturdy, bright, dedicated flashlight, anyone working in low-light conditions — be it dusk/dawn hours or dark spaces — can see what they’re doing and where they’re going. Sometimes just navigating the walk from the car to the doorstep in bad weather can use extra lighting for safety’s sake.

Of course, like other EDC staples, assembling a great pocket dump of well-made products speaks to design appreciation as much as preparedness. Desired functions of an EDC light include its output and ease of use, like turning it on and off with one motion and often with one hand.

And for pocket carry lights, choosing a weight is an important part of the equation, based on your preference and needs. Fenix makes lights for several uses and conditions. Below, we shine a light on its range of everyday carry flashlights.

Fenix Pocket EDC Flashlights


E-LITE mini edc light product

At 2 inches, the E-LITE is one of the smallest lights Fenix makes, and it weighs just 18 g with a battery. It’s also USB-C rechargeable. The forward-facing white light is paired with a sidelight that switches between constant red, flashing red, and blue for fishing.

This clip-on light can attach to a hat for hands-free lighting when in tight spaces or around camp. It’s also small and light enough to clip onto backpacks for a quick-grab light.

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Feni E03R keychain flashlight product image

This keychain-friendly light can provide up to 260 lumens of light. It’s not even 2 inches long and recharges via USB-C. It also has a red reading light for evening tasks when you don’t want to ruin your night vision — or that of your companions.

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E12 V2.0

Fenix E12 V2.0 Flashlight product

The E12 is a more traditional, pocket-sized flashlight that uses a AA battery to provide 160 lumens with a good throw of light. You can switch the light level by tapping the tail end or twisting the head. Additionally, the two-position body clip lets you carry it or wear it in different ways.

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LD05 V2.0 CW

Fenix LD05 V2 Penlight pocket sized light

Penlights are traditionally slim so as not to crowd a pocket, and they can clip to a vest or belt, too. The LD05 uses two AAA batteries to power 150 lumens for continued use at night. The tail switch activates the beam and selects brightness levels.

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Fenix LD15R flashlight tailstand product

A right-angle flashlight, the LD15R faces forward when you clip it to a pack strap or vest. The rechargeable light maxes out at 500 lumens, has a red light mode, and comes with a magnetic base for mounting on a car or beam.

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Fenix E09R flashlight sideThe E09R rechargeable EDC is just 3 inches long and less than one inch around. It toggles between four brightness modes, including a Moonlight mode for up-close tasks. It can last up to 70 hours in low-lumen mode or be cranked up to 600 lumens in Burst mode and recharges via a USB-C.

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Fenix LD30 pocket product

The LD30 is the big boy of Fenix’s EDC lineup. At just over 4 inches, this light is a small package for the 1,600 lumens it can crank over 200 yards. The LD30 has strobe and SOS modes to top things off.

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Outside the Pocket

We’ve talked about carrying smaller flashlights for regular use or just-in-case scenarios, but these smaller lights and others made by Fenix can be stashed in your car and home, too. Keeping a reliable light in your glove compartment or console will help you see under the hood or around the car if you have to pull over.

Similarly, these smaller EDC flashlights are priced low enough that you could stash one in a shed or basement so you know it’s always there.

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Fenix E12 EDC Flashlight under the hood of truck
Photo courtesy of Fenix.

This article is sponsored by Fenix. Learn more about everyday carry Fenix lighting products here.

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