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Backpack Generates Electricity With Motion Of Walking

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Cell phone dead? Just attach a couple straps to your ankles, plug your phone into a USB port in your pack and start walking. It’ll be charged in no time.

That’s the concept behind Go Kin Packs, a Canadian company that is currently fund-raising for the new product on Kickstarter.

The company claims that using the Go Kin a 5-minute walk will produce enough power for a 10-25 minute phone call. The Go Kin can be used any time and isn’t limited by the availability of sunlight or wind.

The device fits into the bottom of a backpack or fanny pack. Two cords extend from the bottom of the pack and attach to your ankles. As you walk, the pull on the cords spins a generator that makes electricity.

Go Kin also manufactures backpacks and will offer designs that have holes pre-cut for the straps, which either clip onto the tabs on your shoes or provided ankle straps. For now, the company says the generator is not compatible with packs from other brands.

The fourth generation prototype Go Kin weighed 2.6 pounds, had two 5V, 2A USB ports and a mini USB port and a built-in Lithium Ion, 7.2 V, 2755mAh battery. It is 10” X 5” X 3” in size.

While the product still looks a little rough around the corners, you can order yours on Kickstarter today for delivery by November. A generator and custom fanny pack costs $295, or go all in with a generator and custom 40-liter backpack for $395.

I haven’t used the system and don’t know how it feels to walk with the straps attached to your ankles, or if they would get caught in brush or other obstacles, but it is certainly unique. Strap in and get walking, you’ve got phone calls to make! —Sean McCoy

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