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Rocket Man: Watch Crazy Jetpack Mountain Rescue Test

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A company in the human flight industry has come up with a crazy-cool alternative for search and rescue.

An air ambulance team in the Lake District of England has the coolest job ever. And thanks to new tech — a flying jet suit — they look like superheroes.

Richard Browning, founder and chief test pilot at Gravity Industries, has come up with the latest cool tech. But this flying jet suit isn’t just for fun — pilots can also use it for mountain rescues in places where vehicles and helicopters can’t reach.

In this video, we watch the Great North Air Ambulance SAR team practice rescue scenarios — powering up their hand jets and flying to the scene.

“In this exercise we did [a rescue] in 90 seconds vs. the 25 minutes of arduous climb! Who knows what the future holds but this is a start we are very proud of,” wrote the filmmakers.

And if you watch to the end, there’s some great behind-the-scenes footage. This video features the GNAAS team and the Langdale Mountain Rescue Team.

What’s a jet suit, you might be wondering? In short, it’s a flight suit with over 1,000 bhp of jet engine power built in. But just watch the video to find out.

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