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Polar Ignite 3 Smartwatch Predicts Your Peak Performance Hours Every Day

Polar Ignite 3 is all about "finding your rhythm"; (Photo/Polar Electro)(Photo/Polar Electro)
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Polar’s Ignite 3 is a fitness and wellness watch. It not only tracks users’ sleep and activity but also allows them to harness the power of their circadian rhythm.

Performance-oriented smartwatches are all the rage right now. COROS recently released its APEX 2, Suunto launched the 9 Peak Pro, and, on Nov. 7, Garmin announced its new Instinct Crossover Solar watch.

Then, on Nov. 8, Polar Electro followed suit. The heart-rate sensor and monitor brand announced the latest iteration of one of its bestselling watches: the Ignite 3.

Polar’s latest watch is being promoted with the tagline “find your rhythm” — which seems to be the central theme of the watch’s latest upgrades. The watch was designed to give users better insight into their circadian rhythm and help them “harness it to get more out of every day.”

Like the Ignite and Ignite 2, the Ignite 3 has training tools, customizable widgets, and sleep tracking. But it’s also got some notable new features and upgrades.

Find Your Rhythm: Polar Ignite 3

Polar Ignite 3 is all about "finding your rhythm"; (Photo/Polar Electro)
(Photo/Polar Electro)

Front and center of the Ignite 3’s latest features is the “SleepWise” function. Previous models of the Ignite also tracked users’ sleep, but with SleepWise, you get data on your sleep amount, quality, and timing with the internal rhythm. The watch will analyze your sleep-wake cycles to show you when you’ll have the highest mental alertness.

According to the press release, “Every morning, users will see a detailed outlook of their alertness levels and understand better when the optimal time is for focused activities, or just winding down.”

That’s right. While sleep monitoring itself isn’t new, Polar claims that this watch will actually be able to predict when during your day you’ll be at your most productive and when you’ll be the least alert. Then, users can plan their days around those peaks and valleys.

“Everyone’s circadian rhythm — our internal body clock — is different,” Sander Werring, CEO of Polar Electro, said. “When we align our lifestyle, activity, fitness, and sleep-wake routines to our circadian rhythm, this will not only make us perform better but will also help us live a healthier life.”

Other Features

Also new in the Polar Ignite 3 is a voice-guidance feature. Connect to Bluetooth headphones or speakers through the Polar Flow mobile app. It gives users real-time feedback and metrics on their workouts during activity.

The Ignite 3 also has a high-speed processor that’s supposedly twice as fast as previous watches. A brighter display offers a clearer view of the information the Ignite 3 presents without compromising the 5-day battery life. Plus, a highly accurate dual-frequency GPS allows users to track themselves and navigate wherever their workouts take them.

And, of course, new styles and colors are available with the new watch.

Other popular features carried over from the Ignite and Ignite 2 as well. The Ignite 3 tracks your cumulative active time, steps and distance, the number of calories burned, and the different types of energy sources used (fats, carbohydrates, or proteins). Also, the Ignite 3 has free fitness training through the app and guided deep breathing exercises to help manage stress.

The Polar Ignite 3 ($330) is available now on Polar’s website.

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