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Race Yourself (Or Zombies) With New ‘Google Glass’ Fitness App

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What if you could chase yourself in a training run? Would it inspire you to run faster and harder? Ok, so how about if zombies were chasing you?

Both those virtual reality scenarios and more are plausible with Race Yourself, a new application for Google Glass that is now available for preorder. (Note: Google Glass is not available yet either.)

If you haven’t heard about them yet, the Google Glass (there’s just one lens on the “glasses”) is the high tech heads-up display that is out to change the world by providing an interactive digital readout over pretty much any activity in your life.

Well, this is the first application of these single lens glasses that has really sparked my interest. The video below does a pretty good job of explaining how the “virtual reality fitness motivation” could work.

Now, whether it does motivate or not is going to be up to the creators. It certainly does seem to have a lot of potential as motivation and entertainment for long miles in the saddle or pounding while road running.

I’m not sure if I could handle the extra stimulation while trail running though — the mountains might just be motivation enough on their own.

The application is currently free with upgrades coming with use. This seems like a good way to build community if the whole concept were to catch on.

Skydiving through virtual rings? Maybe, although goggles could be a problem

We look forward to seeing how this and other wearable technology impacts sports and training in the very near future.

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