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Meet the Wallet Building American Jobs

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What’s the key to putting more money in Americans’ wallets? Make more wallets.

Invest in Trayvax, invest in the future of America. That’s what the Washington-based company strives to show its consumers. The four-year-old brand doubles down on domestic production to show that manufacturing on U.S. soil is alive and well.

Last year, Trayvax made a promise to work on creating 5,000 American jobs. We caught up with Gerald Craft, Marketing Manager at the brand, to find out more.

Trayvax Wallets: Building (in) America

How does Trayvax plan to reach its 5,000 American jobs promise?

We currently employ 32 people here in Bellingham, but have a vision for growth that we liken to “Uber for manufacturing.” Our vision is going to change the model of U.S. manufacturing and provide a new kind of freedom for workers.

It involves satellite manufacturing facilities that we will have planted across the nation, giving people the ability to travel and experience the vastness of the United States with the safety of a job and a like-minded community wherever they arrive. We’re working on and investing in a new company that will redefine simple and nimble living and get us to that 5,000 American job promise.

Why does American manufacturing matter?

It’s essential for our social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Our focus is not about creating products that yield the most amount of profit. Instead, we’ve set a new standard, one that keeps waste out of landfills, pours money back into local economies, and creates healthy communities in the United States. When you purchase a Trayvax product, your investment goes towards so much more than just a cool item.

So, why sell online only? 

The biggest benefit in selling direct to consumer is that we can charge less for an extremely well-made product. Because we source components from U.S. suppliers, our cost of goods tend to be much higher. But because we’ve cut out retailers and middlemen, we can still maintain an attractive price point.

You’re still a very young brand, what’s going to set Trayvax apart?

There’s one moment in time that we’re chasing. It’s when our customers hand our products down to their grandchildren and tell them the stories that give the product its meaning. We test our products to withstand 65 years of use. And our biggest goal is that you hand your Trayvax product down to future generations.

Your grandpa’s wallet has a lot more meaning than something you bought at some retail store last year. And that’s what we’re shooting for. We want your Trayvax product to have a lifetime of memories.

360-degree cameras gave a glimpse inside Trayvax manufacturing

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The Trayvax 360 Virtual Reality Tour is a glimpse into American manufacturing via 360-degree video. Available today, you can watch it on a phone or computer screen. To enhance the experience, click in and immerse yourself with Google Cardboard or another VR viewer.

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