Shower in a Spray Bottle

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After battling distracted drivers and wannabe NASCAR racers on a route through the city, the challenges for bike commuters don’t end when they arrive at work. Even the most casual of jobs require a little bit of clean up. Rocket Shower is one product that offers a solution.

Essentially a shower without water, Rocket Shower requires only “a few quick sprays” and you’re ready for the day, the company touts.

Rocket Shower

They’re not kidding. I’ve been using the product since this summer and am impressed. After just a few squirts of Rocket Shower — which contains witch hazel, citrus, mint, vitamin E and a trace amount of alcohol — that not-so-fresh feeling after a bike ride is pretty much gone.

Delivered via pump sprayer, the formula cleans by helping evaporate sweat and killing the bacteria that causes body odor, according to the company. A nice bonus on warmer days? The lasting peppermint and grapefruit oils cool the skin and provide a fresh, clean feel and fragrance.

“I developed Rocket Shower after the office where I worked moved into a facility with no shower,” says Linda DuPriest, who worked as the advocacy director at Specialized for a decade. “At first I just used the product myself everyday after riding to work, then other bicycle commuters started asking for it. Now it’s available to everyone.”

Rocket Shower Jet Pack options

DuPriest said the spray is also popular with cyclists and triathletes who work out numerous times each day but don’t have the time to shower between exercises.

So if you’re looking to replace those baby wipes put Rocket Shower at the top of the list. Rocket Shower comes in non-aerosol spray bottle sizes of 8.5 oz., 4 oz., and 2 oz., as well as landfill reducing gallon and quart refill bottles.

The Rocket Shower product line also includes three versions of the Jet Pack, a complete clean-up kit that fits easily into a messenger bag, backpack, airline carry-on or checked luggage. (www.10nine8.com)

—Stephen Krcmar



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