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Camp Mistakes, Inflatable Snowshoes, Dozing Daredevils: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories, week of Sept. 25 – Oct. 2, 2015.

week in review

1) Land Grab? Myths Of The American National Monument

Uproar, anger and emotions often fuel debates about federal management of public lands. But what is a National Monument or Park, really?

2) Blow-Up: Inflatable Snowshoes Fit In Coat Pocket

These snowshoes fit in a jacket pocket — until you pump them up. Then they strap on feet to provide lift in the snow.

3) Climate Change? Mt. Hood’s Fading Summer Skiing

As year-round skiing in the Pacific Northwest diminishes, what else will be lost?

4) Woman Scolds Bear As It Chews Her Kayak

The destruction of her kayak puts this solo explorer in a tough predicament.

5) Bear Spray Goes Off In Car On Highway

This is what happens when someone scoots a seat back and accidentally punctures a can of bear spray in a car.

6) 50 Mistakes: Campers Offer Their Best Advice

Mistakes happen when camping. This mega-list addresses 50 common camping mistakes, offering a solution for each.

7) Teen Surfer Is Big-Wave Wizard

Matahi Drollet, 17, surfs well beyond his years on Teahupo’o, the world’s heaviest wave.

8) Best Flannel Shirts 2015: ‘Performance’ To Fashion Picks

Few garments scream ‘FALL!’ like a flannel shirt. Soft, warm, and durable, flannel is the fabric of the season whether wool, cotton or synthetic.


9) Riders Injured, More Than 1 Million Bikes Recalled

If not closed, the quick-release lever can wedge into the disc-brake rotor, causing a bike to abruptly stop.

10: CRKT Swindle: Knife Styled After ‘Riverboat Gambler’

Its reverse curved handle and wharncliffe blade is a modern version of the river boat gambler favorite.

11) Urban Wasteland: Bike Race In Abandoned Mill Complex

The one-of-a-kind Rhode Island Urban Assault has jumps, loading-dock drops, obstacles made of decaying industrial matter, and a creepy bagpiper who plays in an echoing chamber.

12) Packable ‘Firebox’ Made For Outdoors Cooking

A new camping stove can be used to burn wood, gas, alcohol — and even bake.

13) Stainless Steel ‘Star’ Multitool Has 21 Implements

More an everyday-carry implement than an outdoors product, the Lions Grip has in total 21 uses, from allen wrenches to drivers to a punch.

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14) Bike As Tour Bus: Musician Circumnavigates Lake Superior

This summer, singer/poet Ben Weaver geared up and biked around the world’s largest lake, a guitar and banjo in tow

15) Fabrics & Fly Fishing: A Day With Mountain Khakis

When I took a meeting with Mountain Khakis co-founder Noah Robertson in Jackson Hole, he locked his cell phone in the truck, grabbed a fly rod, and led me to the river.

16) South American Ski Crash Reel

Skiing in Argentina is not all fun and games. Crashes happen in the Southern Hemisphere too.

17) Dozing Daredevils: Hammocks Gather Over Mountain Chasm

They sleep and socialize 150 feet high in the Italian Alps.


18) 10 Methods: Making Coffee In The Great Outdoors

Coffee makes the great outdoors even greater. These 10 ways to brew in the outdoors are easy far from home.

19) LED Light Strand: ‘Luminoodle’ New Kind Of Camp Lantern

A strand of silicone-encased LEDs, this simple product is bright enough to light up a tent or a picnic table for camp cooking at night.

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