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Cargo Bike, Winter Running, Carabiner Ring: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories, week of November 8 – 14, 2015.

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1) Climber Renan Ozturk On Injury, Setbacks & Persistence

Even the best athletes in the world are affected by dark moments of injury, setback and pain. Here we talk with Renan Ozturk about a near-death injury in 2011, and how he came back to full health.

2) Caraband: The Wedding Ring That’s Also A ‘Biner

Ring avulsions suck. This band gives you a simple way to avoid them, plus it works like a carabiner for additional outdoors uses.

3) BWCA Dispatch: ‘Silky Big Boy’ Folding Camp Saw

During a year in the wilderness, the Silky Big Boy saw is one of Dave and Amy Freeman’s most important tools.

4) Movie: Man With Cerebral Palsy Attempts El Capitan

Steve Wampler has cerebral palsy and spends most of his life in a wheelchair. But that didn’t stop him from attempting to climb one of El Capitan, one of the world’s most renowned big walls.


5) ‘Emergency’ Cell Phone Runs On AA Batteries

Mobile phones are tools in emergency situations — so long as they work. A simple $59 phone can be tossed in a backpack or car trunk and maintain battery life for years.

6) Quick Tips: Stay Warm When Winter Hammocking

Follow these tips to brave the elements of cold-weather hammock camping this winter.

7) Bike Safe: Tips To Ride At Night

As the hours of daylight get shorter, it’s time for bike commuters to increase visibility and safety.

8) Torch Test: 5 Cutting-Edge LED Flashlights

EDC Flashlight Review: These pocket-size flashlights are barely known outside the flashlight-nut world, but they’re some of the best you can buy and priced to compete with lesser models from big box stores.

Grand Trunk Winter Hammock

9) Fascinating: The 116 Images NASA Wants Aliens To See

These images on the ‘Golden Record’ are hurtling through space, millions of miles from Earth, toward and unknown destiny.

10) Women’s ‘Cycling Panties’ Have Chamois Insert

Designed to be worn under casual clothing, ZIB panties have a chamois for comfort on the saddle.

11) Iraq War Veteran Finds Healing In The BWCA

After a suicide attempt in 2012, this veteran found a path to healing through the natural splendor of the Boundary Waters. ‘I could literally feel the poison that had affected my soul start to get drawn out of it.’

12) Ugandan Man Pursues Olympic Snowboarding Dream

Trailer: Watch as Brolin Mawejje, a medical student from Uganda, chases his dream to become the first snowboarder from an African nation to compete in Olympic snowboarding. Full film is available today on demand.


13) Watch First ‘True Jetpack’ Flight

Powered by two turbine jet engines, this pilot maneuvers smoothly over a lake.

14) World’s Lightest: 14.4 Pound Carbon Folding Bike

The Hummingbird is remarkably light and has a unique folding system that keeps the chain under tension at all times.

15) The Tent You Open Like A Clamshell

This tent opens and closes like a clamshell and is so bomber that the full size version weighs 500 pounds. Good thing they make a ‘Nano.’

16) Accessible Adventure: Riding The Kokopelli Trail

You don’t have to be UBERENDUROMAN to have a blast. This video follows three weekend warriors as they ride the renowned Kokopelli Trail through Utah in ‘142 Miles From Monday.’

17) Dyneema, Now In Black

Dyneema is a fiber 15 times stronger than steel. But it was only available in white, until now.

18) Winter Running: Shoes For Cold-Weather Miles

At GearJunkie, we run year-round. These are some of the best winter running shoes, available on the market for winter 2015 – 2016, that we’ve reviewed.


19) Extra Cush All-Terrain: Hoka ‘Tor’ Boot Reviewed

These ‘fat tire boots’ are big and cushioned, but they still roll fast. We review the Hoka Tor Ultra hiking boots.

20) GoMacro Bars: Tasty, Natural Energy

GoMacro bars are pricey, but taste great and are packed with clean ingredients.

21) Skiers Have Been Photobombing Austrian Web-Cams

A+ for creativity in photobombing this ski resort’s webcams.

22) Base Layers: 27 Winter Tops For Any Budget

Base layers, ultralight to heavy, are critical pieces in your winter kit. We sifted through the heap to find 27 of our favorites with options to fit every budget.

Beyonce 2

23) ‘Beyoncé On A Bike’ Opens Sexualized Can Of Worms

When Beyoncé posted this photo on Instagram, she stoked a debate about sexuality and objectification in cycling that’s been raging all year.

24) Must Watch: Powerful Avalanche Safety Video

Avalanches don’t discriminate, and it only takes one mistake to kill you. This video by some of the biggest names in backcountry ski safety is a must-watch for anyone who plans to head off-piste this winter. It just might save your life.

25) The Pickup Truck Of Bikes: Yuba Spicy Curry

This electric-assist ‘cargo bike’ can haul as much as you can fit in the trunk of a small car.

26) Close Call Cage Diving With A Great White Shark

Keep your hands way inside the cage! Great white shark goes in for the kill.

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