Screaming Deals: Outdoor Gear Savings of the Week

This week’s screaming deals highlight a hammock tent, a set of dry bags, and polarized glasses at an enormous discount.

Exclusive Deal from Lawson Hammock: 25% Off With Code GJ25OFF

Lawson Hammock sale

Lawson isn’t your low-key hammock. No. It’s for hanging in the trees for days with protection from bugs. It’s a sufficiently warm, rainfly-equipped, ready-for-anything backcountry battle hammock. And Lawson Hammock is hooking GearJunkie readers up with an exclusive deal of 25 percent off. Use code GJ25OFF at checkout. 

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Artisan Cutlery Mastiff S35VN Folding Knife: $180 (37% Off)

Artisan Cutlery Mastiff S35VN Folding Knife

This knife has more than just me nerding out here at GearJunkie. A chef-focused cut makes this a really cool option for the debonair camp chef. It’s not only pretty, but it’s also got a really solid makeup, with S35VN steel.

See the Artisan Cutlery Mastiff S35VN Folding Knife

ALPS Mountaineering Koda 2 Tent 2-Person 3-Season: $70 (56% Off)

ALPS Mountaineering Koda 2 Tent 2-Person 3-Season

I just get stoked to see great starter gear for backpackers coming up in these mega sales. This little ALPS Mountaineering Koda 2 Tent will fit you and your chosen sleeping buddy, with ample space in the vestibules for extra gear. At 5 pounds, it’s not the lightest tent for a trek into the hills — but it’ll do. And it’s a nice little three-season for warmer weather.

See the ALPS Mountaineering Koda 2 Tent

SPOT Gen3 Device: $75 (50% Off)

SPOT Gen3 Device satellite communicator

I used the SPOT Gen3 for 5 years in the Montana backcountry, and this little box helped me feel seriously safe for my solo trips into the hills. And it gave my family really solid peace of mind. The sale SPOT has going on expands beyond this piece, but I like its simplicity. The sale covers the device and activation fees. Now’s the time to buy.

See the SPOT Gen3 Device

Kershaw Launch 2 Automatic Knife: $80-100 (29-50% Off)

Kershaw Launch 2 Automatic Knife

This fast-action auto knife is a slick little number for an EDC. With a foldout length of 8 inches, it has a wide range of use case scenarios. And it can still slip into a pocket or clip onto your pants with no problem. Blade HQ has a few options available at the moment, but they’re selling out. Check ’em all out.

See the Kershaw Launch 2 Automatic Knife

Arc’teryx Beta LT Jacket — Women’s: $291 (45% Off)

Arc'teryx Beta LT Jacket

She ain’t cheap, but she’s cheaper than she normally is. And by a lot. Summer is the perfect time to stock up on coats, and this one is a solid option for your kit. It’s a shell that can adapt to seasonal needs, and the GORE-TEX fabric ensures you’ll stay dry in a billion different conditions. It’s also helmet-compatible for you climbers, skiers, and bikers.

See the Arc’teryx Beta LT Jacket

Mystery Ranch In & Out Packable Backpack, 19L: $63 (20% Off)

Mystery Ranch In & Out Packable Backpack, 19L

Mystery Ranch makes dang good packs. And this little bugger is the perfect thing for quick day hikes. It weighs just a pound and can stuff into your car kit for a grab ‘n go option when the trails just keep calling. No animal-style double-doubles come with this thing, though. Bummer. Find this and more as part of Huckberry’s big summer sale.

See the Mystery Ranch In & Out Packable Backpack

Marmot Trestles Elite 30 Long — Women’s: $60 (60% Off)

Marmot Trestles Elite 30 Long sleeping bag

This is a helluva starter bag for summer camping at a killer price point. And it’s got five stars. It weighs under 3 pounds, making it a great late-summer backpacking option — as long as you’re not going too far up in elevation. The synthetic-blend fill uses three different fibers for warmth, and it’s a high-loft bag, ensuring a comfortable feel.

See the Marmot Trestles Elite 30 Long Sleeping Bag

Sorel 1964 Premium T Canvas Boot — Men’s: $50 (67% Off)

Sorel 1964 Premium T Canvas Boot

Y’all. Sorels. For. $50. These are insulated down to -40 degrees F. And they’re freakin’ suave. Sizes are a bit limited, but there are still quite a few left. And dudes, if the ladies see you wearing these sick boots, you’re getting points for both fashion and function. And this is a brand that lasts. I wore my first pair of Sorels for 5 years in Montana without any problems. Get these. Now.

 See the Sorel 1964 Premium T Canvas Boot

Camaro Travelset Complete Snorkel, Mask, and Fin Set: $30 (62% Off)

Camaro Travelset Complete Snorkel, Mask, and Fin Set

Flashback to swimming with whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez: I jump in. My goggles fall off, I lose a fin, and I’m face to face with a whale shark. He dives under me. I nearly pee in the ocean. In this moment, I decide to get my own snorkel travel kit for these tropical excursions. And here it is for just $30. Save yourself the trouble, learn from my mistake, and get your own kit for future ocean fun.

See the Camaro Travelset Complete Snorkel, Mask, and Fin Set

Smith Comstock Sunglasses $67 (51% Off)


You read it right. Smith shades for 51 percent off. These are fun, with the pop of color. And they boast the same UV-busting Smith technology in the full-price sunnies. Plus, they’re cute!

See the Smith Comstock Sunglasses

Nicole Qualtieri

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