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100% NORVIK Glacier Goggle Review: HiPER Lenses, Tiny Side Shields, and Big Protection

The 100% NORVIK glacier goggles are unlike any pair of snow shades I've worn before — they're lightweight, have a cool modern design, and feature tiny side shields that do some heavy lifting to protect your eyes.

100% NORVIK Glacier Goggles(Photo/Will Brendza)
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It was hot out for January in Colorado, pushing the 50-degree Fahrenheit mark. The sky was bluebird, and the sun was the only thing in it. And everyone was sweating through their clothes as we toured up Shrine Ridge on Vail Pass. I’d stripped my shell and fleece, and opened my half-zip base layer all the way. Head down, marching forward, I could feel a bead of sweat hanging from the tip of my nose.

Thank goodness I hadn’t worn my full ski goggles. The model I have is designed with anti-fogging technology. But there’s a point of perspiration when even that isn’t enough. We’d reached that point and hiked past it.

Instead of ski goggles, I’d worn my 100% NORVIK glacier goggles — a pair of lightweight, active-wear ski shades that the 100% brand promises will “perform in any situation.”

That’s a bold claim, and one I was putting to the test. So far I’d used these glacier goggles on backcountry ski tours that had thrown a range of weather at me. And so far, even on that hot sweaty hike, the NORVIKs were earning my admiration.

In short: I got an early pair of the 100% NORVIK glacier goggles for testing, and have worn them on every backcountry tour I’ve done so far this year. They have remarkably clear lenses, they weigh next to nothing, and two unique little side shields provide all the protection from glare and cold air one needs. There are a few downsides: They smudge easily and they fog up if you’re working hard and stop moving. But overall, this pair of glacier goggles sets a high-water mark for this style of eyewear.

100% NORVIK Review

100% NORVIK glacier goggles
(Photo/Will Brendza)

Small Shields, Big Protection

When I opened the 100% box and pulled the NORVIK glacier goggles out, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. I mean, I knew they were sunglasses, but at first I thought maybe they were for mountain biking or running.

Then I noticed the two side shields folded down just under the arms. When you put them on, those shields hug your temples and block your peripheral vision.

That’s a notably different design than I’m used to with glacier goggles. I normally wear a pair of Julbo Chams that use classic leather side shields to protect your eyes on snow. Those look very different than the NORVIKs. Smith Optics used a slightly similar design in its first glacier goggle, the Embark. Smith put small, removable TPU side shields on those that fold down under the arms.

But still, the Embark is nothing like the NORVIK. And, price-wise, the most expensive version of the NORVIK from 100% ($195) is cheaper than the Embark ($220), and the Oakley Clifden ($226), and just slightly more expensive than the Julbo Chams ($165) I normally wear.

100% NORVIK Glacier Goggles
Showing off the NORVIKs in style; (photo/Will Brendza)

I wasn’t sure how well the design would work. The shields looked too small. But as I soon learned, it isn’t the size of side shields that matters. It’s how the brand uses them — or rather, how they place them. The NORVIK’s side shields block glare very well despite their size and protect my eyes from gusts of cold air when the wind picks up.

They perform like any glacier goggle should. They’re lightweight enough to forget they’re even on your face, and the rubber nosepiece is extremely comfortable. I tested these glacier goggles in all sorts of conditions, and was hard-pressed to find any faults (except some intermittent fogging — more on that below).

NORVIK glacier goggles
Testing the NORVIK glacier goggles on a snowy day; (photo/Will Brendza)


I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: 100% has some of the best active eyewear lenses I’ve ever encountered. They use a proprietary technology called HiPER. Human vision blurs where primary colors start to overlap, and according to 100%, HiPER filters out those crossover areas. That creates distinctly sharp contrast and provides a depth of vision that’s impressive.

Some of the NORVIKs have this technology, and, like other 100% lenses, they are spectacularly clear. They’re also hydrophobic and oleophobic to repel water, oil, and dirt; scratch-resistant; and offer 100% UV protection. The lenses can be changed, but I never had a reason to swap into the clear alternate lenses the NORVIK came with.

Testing the ombraz teton on the glacier; (Photo/Will Brendza)

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100% has been a brand name in performance eyewear for motocross, cycling, baseball, and running for decades. But this is the first year they’ve broken into snow eyewear, launching both a line of snow goggles and these NORVIKs, which released in December 2022. And they’re coming out of the gate strong.

The bottom of each lens has a small ventilation hole that’s supposed to improve airflow and prevent fogging. And it works — as long as you’re moving. I found that if I was sweating and working hard like I was on Shrine Ridge, and then stopped moving (to drink water or wait for my friends), they’d fog up almost instantly. That never presented a real problem, though. As soon as I started moving again the fog would dissipate.

100% NORVIK Glacier Goggles
(Photo/Will Brendza)


I’m a classic style kind of guy (hence the Julbo Chams I normally wear). But I really liked the modern style of these glacier goggles from 100%. It’s very functional, and at the same time, looks cool as hell. The durable TR90 frame fits well on my face, and the mirror-tinted HiPER lenses add some rock-and-roll flair to my backcountry getup. Those mirror-tinted lenses do smudge easily. But that’s just motivation to keep them clean.

On the 100% website, there are several lens options to choose from: the HiPER lens, PEAKPOLAR lens, mirror lens, and smoke lens ($165 and up).

100% NORVIK Glacier Goggles


  • HiPER lens technology
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Durable, lightweight TR90 frame
  • 100% UV protection
  • Scratch-resistant
100% NORVIK Glacier Goggles
(Photo/Will Brendza)

100% NORVIK Conclusion

I had no idea how much I was going to like the NORVIKs when I got my hands on them. They don’t look like a style of sunglasses I’d normally wear. But the look grew on me. And they are so functional it wouldn’t have mattered anyway if they hadn’t. They’re light, they’re comfortable, the lenses are crystal clear, and the thumbnail-sized side shields provide all the protection from glare and cold air one needs on the slopes.

100% took an unconventional approach to glacier goggles with the NORVIK. Being new to the snow-sports space, that was a risk. But it’s clearly one that’s paying off.

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