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Black Diamond Issues Replacement Recall on Single Batch of Ski Skins

Black Diamond Equipment is voluntarily replacing a batch of Ascension Nylon Climbing Skins.

Today, Black Diamond announced it would be “voluntarily replacing” a batch of its Ascension Nylon Climbing Skis produced between January and March 2021.

Black Diamond stated the reason for the replacement is that a “particular batch manufactured during that timeline does not meet Black Diamond’s product standards due to a glue-to-plush bond issue,” it wrote.

That bonding issue could cause “accelerated glue failure” — essentially, the skins may not stick and could fail during use. Black Diamond will replace all affected skins, either with an Ascension Nylon Climbing Skins replacement or its GlideLite Mohair Mix Climbing Skins.

Black Diamond Replacement: Check Your Skins

black diamond ascension skins

What to do: If you own these skins, check the date of manufacture and date of purchase. A date code will be located on the tail hardware of the skins.

The skin sizes and date codes affected are:

Ascension 175-186cm: 1055, 1119, 1120
Ascension 157-168cm: 1033, 1042, 1092
Ascension 169-180cm: 1057, 1077, 1095
Ascension 163-174cm: 1071, 1099
Ascension 181-192cm: 1047, 1097
Ascension Nylon STS 140mm: 1076
Ascension Splitboard: 1049

If your skins match these date codes, head over to Black Diamond to file a warranty claim and retrieve replacement skins free of charge. Or, you can call 800-775-5552.

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