Ice-Cold Waves, Nice Warm Vibes: Norse Surfing With Chris Burkard and Friends

Ice-cold but perfectly shaped Norwegian waves provide the medium and backdrop for this atypical surf film.

Hávamál is several things — (1) an ancient Norse poem; (2) the name of an Arctic surfing film with Ryan Callinan, Jack Freestone, Luana Silva, Anna Gudauskas, and Chris Burkard; and (3) a source of odd wisdom.

Consider this nugget: “Better gear than good sense / A traveler cannot carry. / A more tedious burden than too much drink / A traveler cannot carry.”

We’ve been there before. Watch Silva, Burkard, and friends catch alluring but obviously frigid waves all over the Scandinavian country’s coast in this short, laid-back film.

The travelers do spend a lot of time in the drink — but not that drink.

Runtime: 12 minutes

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