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Robo-Goggles to Adult Sleds: Gifts guaranteed to Impress

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Unexpected, unique, ‘extreme,’ silly, and fun. . . those are some operative words for the products below, a spread of gear we are sure will delight and surprise those finicky gear hounds on your holiday list. —Amy Oberbroeckling

Wearable Sleeping Bag — That’s right, the Napsack from Poler is a hooded sleeping bag with openings at the shoulders and bottom so that you can wear it around like an extra-long puffy coat. $130. Purchase gift/More info

Throwback Fleece Jacket — Relive Christmas 1987 in this rad turquoise fleece top from Topo Designs, a Colorado-based apparel brand. Purchase gift/More info

Alaska-Made Survival Bracelet — A simple bracelet could save your life. The ParaCord Fishing Bracelet is made of parachute cord wrapped around an inner core containing 8 feet of fishing line and two fishing hooks. $10. Purchase gift/More info

Build-a-Shovel — Brooks-Range lets you custom-make a backcountry shovel via a page on its site where you choose color, shaft size, shovel type, handle shape, and other features. $54.95. Purchase gift/More info

iPhone Video Dolly — Get a bit more Hollywood with your iPhone videos. This wheel-equipped dolly lets you film smooth pans and tracking shots. An 11-inch adjustable arm allows for unique angles on a shoot. $59.95. Purchase gift/More info

‘Extreme’ Sled — A far cry from wooden toboggans of yore, the Stealth-X from Snolo Sleds is no small childs’ toy. This carbon-fiber beast is made to shred down hills at top speeds. But there’s an insane price tag for the fun at $2,999! Purchase gift/More info

Hoboroll — Keep organized travelers happy with the Hoboroll from Gobi Gear, a lightweight sack that keeps items separated with wedge-like compartments. The bag compresses down when cinched closed. $28. Purchase gift/More info

Squeezable Pint — Pack ‘em, drop ‘em, microwave ‘em. . . the uses are endless for the Silipint, a squeezable pint glass made out of silicone. $9.95 and up. Purchase gift/More info

Hot Hands! — Leather, lithium-polymer battery packs, and a “paper-thin, nanotech film” that seeps heat are the key ingredients in these top-end gloves from Chaval Outdoor Corp. We got a test pair last month and so far are impressed.

The gloves can crank up to 144 degrees inside to heat frozen fingers. The battery can last up to 6 hours on a full charge. You do pay for the heat, at $389 a pair. Purchase gift/More info

Packable Camp Comfort — You don’t always need to sacrifice pack space for comfort. The Cush from Klymit is an inflatable pillow that compresses down to the size of a fist. It also works great as a padded seat. $19.95. Purchase gift/More info

For the Proud Racer — Show off hard-earned race bibs in style with the ready-to-hang frame system from RACER. $20. Purchase gift/More info

The Quiver ‘Pack’ — Made to hold modern-day tools, The Quivver carries your money and phone (and a few other necessities) in a pocket that slings across your body. $50 and up. Purchase gift/More info

Fashionable Function — The look of a skirt with the warmth of a light down blanket. . . that’s the theme of the Trekkin from Mountain Hardwear. Wear it outside for fashion as well as warmth on cold days. $100. Purchase gift/More info

6 Foot Scarf — New York-based Outlier sells six feet of merino wool in scarf form ready for necks, chins, ears, and anything else wrap-able in its long, lux length this winter. $60. Purchase gift/More info

Whip it Good! —The TRX Rip Trainer was created by a Tae kwon do champion. For outdoors types, it promises insane core strength if wielded right for paddlers, rock climbers, cyclists, and more. $189.99. Purchase gift/More info

Tech Mesh Top (looks good, too) — In a category of its own, the Kanaha shirt from Maui-based Bluesmiths doubles up on its water resistance via a treatment (Schoeller NanoSphere) as well as a special fabric, both of which breathe yet make water bead up and run away.

We tested the water-oriented shirt on dry land this fall and were impressed with its comfort, style, and aversion to sweat and moisture. (The brand calls the top a hydrophobic paddle shirt.) It’s fast drying, light, airy, breathable, and sun protective with a UPF 40 rating, in the water or out. Made in Canada. $90. Purchase gift/More info

Kate’s Grizzly Bar —Made in small batches with yummy ingredients in Victor, Idaho, Kate’s bars are an alternative energy bar choice. Great stocking stuffer alternative to candy. Purchase gift/More info

Robo-Eye for Skiers — Oakley’s Airwave goggles have a tiny embedded display screen and sensors in a module that let a skier see his or her real-time stats (speed, jump height, vertical feet skied per run, etc.) as well as view music playlists and text messages. Cool but not cheap, $599. Purchase gift/More info

Waxed-Cotton Coat — Old school and proud, the Craghoppers Raiden Jacket has a “classic English country” look with abundent pockets and snaps. It’s lined with fleece and waterproof with a waxed-cotton outer. $200. Purchase gift/More info

‘Toe-Less’ Socks — Made for yoga, these socks keep your toes free for maximum articulation on the mat. Grippers on the bottom keep you upright as the poses get further contorted and tough. $16. Purchase gift/More info

Pretty Pannier — It hooks onto a standard rear bike rack like a pannier. But the BASIL Jada-Mirte Shopper unclips to convert to a lady’s purse/bag for use around town. Water-repellent polyester outer (flower print motif). $75. Purchase gift/More info

100-Year Vacuum Bottle — Stanley is 100 years old, and with its anniversary the brand is re-issuing a classic 1.1-quart vacuum bottle in a brushed-green finish that debuted way back in 1944. Stainless steel construction. $40. Purchase gift/More info

Solar-Rechargeable Watch — This tech watch from Casio, the Pro Trek PRG550B-5, recharges from the sun when you’re on the move outside. Features include barometer, altimeter, thermometer, time, and alarm. Its second hand acts as a compass needle to point you north. $350. Purchase gift/More info

Foamy iPhone Case — The SYSTM case line includes designs with a spongy, absorbing foam to offer impact protection in a fall. Company touts the foam absorbs and dissipates the force of a fall more evenly, protecting the phone inside. $29 and up. Purchase gift/More info

Asphalt Surfer — Made of bamboo and fiberglass, the Drop Hammer is a unique, deep-carving longboard with wheels that in our test rolled smoothly and seemed to levitate over bumps. Great entry point into the sport and a standby ride for experienced road surfers alike. $237. Purchase gift/More info

—Amy Oberbroeckling is an assistant editor.

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