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‘Here, Hold My Kid’ Could Be the Funniest Ski Movie of the Year

Elyse Saugstad and Jackie Paaso set out on a quest to prove that moms don't have to hang up their skis.

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What happens when professional skiers like Elyse Saugstad and Jackie Paaso become mothers? If we can glean anything from the trailer for “Here, Hold My Kid,” it’s that the two women aren’t slowing down. In fact, they’re gearing up for a whole new chapter of their skiing careers.

“I think it’s a strong time for women’s sport,” Paaso says. “And I think that as long as we’ve got each other’s backs like me and Elyse do, we’ll keep moving forward.”

In “Here, Hold My Kid,” the two women set out to do exactly that. Pitted against one another in a friendly “non-competition” to win a sponsorship, the ski movie follows these women as they shred big mountains. It documents the challenges and hilarious moments that come with raising small human beings, while also being a pro athlete.

Written, filmed, and directed by Adam Gendle, John Verity, and Hersha Patel, the movie is bursting at the seams with laughter, funny moments, and killer skiing — as people have come to expect from Gendle and Verity. Their 2014 mockumentary “Ski Good, Money Will Come” was called one of the funniest movies in skiing when it came out.

The official release date of “Here, Hold My Kid” has yet to be announced. But it is “coming soon,” according to the trailer’s YouTube description.

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