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First Look: Warm Gloves, Nimble Fingers

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Gloves are only warm if you wear them. Working with small items like locking ‘biners or knots, gloves often get pulled off to allow for more dexterity. High-end glove maker Hestra has built a glove that allows exceptional dexterity while still providing good protection from cold and elements with a waterproof, breathable membrane.

—Sean McCoy

The Gear: Hestra Ergo Grip OutDry Long (Available October, $185)

Where To Use It: Technical mountaineering, backcountry skiing or ice climbing in moderate cold temperatures.

Who’s It For: People who need moderately warm gloves with lots of finger dexterity.

Specs: Waterproof breathable OutDry construction with a thin fleece lining, the Ergo Grip features tough “army goat leather” reinforced with abrasion and heat resistant kangaroo leather for one tough glove. The palm and fingers are slightly curved inward in a natural hand shape right out of the box.

Made In: China.

Boring But Important: These are fully featured with included Hestra Handcuff wrist attachments and adjustable cuff closure. They are available in both long and short-cuffed versions.

Killer! Opening or closing a locking caribiner or tying a knot is very doable while wearing these gloves, which seem warm enough for a typical winter day in the mountains.

Flaw: The Egro Grip Outdry is cut narrow in the fingers to allow for great dexterity. People with thick fingers may find them tight. There is not a lot of extra room for liner gloves. Without the chance to test in cold conditions, the gloves seem thin for when temps get down around zero. While really well made, $185 is a lot to spend on gloves.

First Impressions: Hestra makes absolutely bomber gloves and the Ergo Grip Outrdry Long are rock solid for hardcore mountain or backcountry use in moderately cold weather. These aren’t super warm gloves though and not for long rides on chairlifts on cold days.

Our Take: As a purpose-built tool they are exceptional. For anyone who must complete intricate work with hands in cold weather, this is the one, just not your only pair of gloves.

Who Should Buy It: Mountaineers who need to work with ropes and harnesses in the winter and ski mountaineers or backcountry skiers who stay somewhat warm with lots of aerobic output.

More Beta/Buy Now: Hestra Gloves

—Sean McCoy is a contributing editor. Our “First Look” column highlights new gear arrivals at GearJunkie.com. Photos © Monopoint Media LLC.

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