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Wreck Your Bike? Help Is On The Way With Crash Sensor

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Zipping through a remote section of singletrack, you are distracted by an amazing view. In an instant, your front wheel slams into a boulder sending you over the handlebars. You tumble onto the ground, unconscious. It’s starting to rain. Night is coming.

If you are wearing a new crash sensor called ICEdot, the cavalry is already on the way.

The ICEdot Crash Sensor device that will mount onto any helmet is now available for purchase. When paired with the ICEdot app on a smart phone (it connects via Bluetooth), the system is able to detect motion, changes in forces and impacts.

The ICEdot Sensor is attached to sports helmets

In the event of a hard crash that generates enough force to trigger the device, the sensor/phone combination will sound an alarm and initiate an emergency countdown.

Unless the countdown clock is stopped by the user in a predetermined amount of time, the app will then notify your emergency contacts via SMS text message and include a link to your current GPS coordinates if available. They can then contact first responders or initiate other action.

The system has some obvious weaknesses that come with its reliance upon a cell phone. It will only work where there is cell phone service and it won’t contact anyone if the cell phone is destroyed in the crash or cell battery is dead.

Yet for those who participate in crash-prone activities alone, it adds an element of safety and will provide some piece of mind for loved ones.

The Crash Sensor app is available for iPhone 4S and later. An Android version is available for Nexus 4 and 5 phones, for other Android devices running 4.3 or later. The app is considered public beta.

The crash sensor and a one year service membership is available now for $149. Yearly membership, which includes a health profile and ID that can be used by first responders, costs $10.

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