A Criminal Ski Short: Sweet Protection Airs First Film of Season

Sweet Protection’s first ski short of the year is here.

“A movie filled with bank robberies, pillow lines, and everything in-between.” Intrigued? So were we. This wacky, 12-minute ski short features Jake Hopfinger and Parkin Costain as they ski some massive lines. But the short doesn’t just cut to the mountain. Nope; first, Hopfinger and Costain’s characters rob a bank to fund their adventures.

There’s a bit of a Bonnie-and-Clyde vibe as the duo dash off with hands of cash, and then, of course, spend it on ski gear. (Note: stealing isn’t cool. But shredding like these dudes is.)

“We knew we wanted to make something that wasn’t just action ski porn, and was able to integrate a story into a ski film without beating it over people’s heads,” wrote director Caleb Chicoine. “Something that would bring a fresh tone to ski industry media,” added Hopfinger.

Hopfinger is all about going big — big mountain skiing, big goals. He recently competed in the infamous Kings and Queens of Corbet’s in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. And his fast-paced, high-flying skills in this film are no exception.

Check out Sweet Protection’s page for the gear used in this film.

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